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   Chapter 829 Sally Is Back (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6159

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"No, Lawrence," Rebecca didn't let Lawrence go and she directly walked ahead and held his clothes.

Lawrence was helpless. He looked ahead as he felt terrible. In the past, he had always been thinking about this woman. But now when she was in front of him, he didn't even want to be with her. Instead, he remembered all the things she had done to him in the past. She lied to him and indirectly hurt Violet. Everything was still clear in his mind.

Rebecca couldn't calm herself down. Her hand that was still holding Lawrence's clothes was shaking. She said, "Lawrence, listen to me. For so many years, all I have done is wait for you. I'm always waiting for you."

"Is that so? Why did you wait for me?" Lawrence asked coldly. "You want to use the JC Group to become more famous?" Lawrence asked again. "Or you want to be my wife?"

Rebecca froze instantly as she heard Lawrence's last question. Yes, Lawrence guessed it right. She had been dreaming of becoming his wife. She was dying to marry him. Lawrence was a brilliant and a powerful man and no woman wouldn't want to be his wife. Since she was beautiful and famous, she thought that if she'd marry Lawrence, people wouldn't judge her of having any ulterior motives. She believed that since she was a famous star, she could be Lawrence's match.

Ivy who was standing behind Lawrence was totally stunned to see such a scene. She was shocked to know that the man Rebecca loved since middle school was Lawrence. Moreover, she had never thought that the man Rebecca liked so much was from a rich and distinguished family. And Lawrence was indeed a successful guy. No wonder Rebecca was really dying to marry him.

"Lawrence, I really like you. I have loved you since we were in middle school. I couldn't forget those days when you picked me up everyday and we went to school togethe

't have any idea on how Rebecca became one of the JC Group's actresses but he just decided to terminate their contract now.

Mike was surprised. He was only able to say, "Lawrence." Then he gave Rebecca a questioning look, wanting to know the reason why Lawrence was so angry.

But Rebecca didn't mind him and just faced Lawrence. She said, "Do you want to ban me?" Her eyes widened. She stared at Lawrence and still couldn't believe what he had said just now.

However, Lawrence just ignored her question and looked at Mike.

Mike immediately understood so he said, "Okay, I got it. I'll tell them now."

Then he turned around and left without saying anything more.

Lawrence also followed him and left.

Rebecca shouted, "Lawrence, Lawrence." But her calling was in vain because Lawrence didn't even stop walking.

In the break room, Lawrence was sitting in the sofa while Ivy was standing not far away from him. There were no tears on her face anymore but her cheek were swollen.

Lawrence asked, "Are you okay?" Since Ivy had already calmed down, she replied, "Yes, I'm fine. Rebecca is like my sister so I believe that she didn't really mean to slap me. I think she was just too angry to control herself."

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