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   Chapter 828 Please Behave Yourself (Part Two)

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"How dare you?" Selina rounded up on Sharon. "What gives you the nerve to insult Violet here, after putting her through horror? Do you think we have forgotten or forgiven you? Unlike you, Violet was born and brought up in class. Yet she's such a fine lady in character that she's kindhearted and easygoing enough to courteously relate to the less fortunate. How dare you disparage her like that? You overrate yourself, but in all honesty, you've got nothing on Violet as far as class and elegance are concerned. Heck, you'll never even come closer to it. Are you still deluded with the idea that your desperate marriage to a rich man will somehow give you class?"

"I'm just not as lucky as you are, Selina. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. And you grew up in an elite military family. If I were born in such a family, I don't think you'd have anything on me," Sharon shouted back, her head reeling with a mixture of anger and jealousy. Anger at being vilified in public and jealousy at Selina's privilege and hubris.

"Oh yeah! You're only a little better than a tramp!" Selina returned with a contemptuous sneer. "Get her out of here. I don't know how she got the idea of gatecrashing at our party!" she said to Mike, who all along had stood by the side watching.

In a flash, Mike signaled his crew by a wave of his hand in the air and out nowhere, four bulky men in black suits and dark glasses strode to Sharon, like automatons programmed to obey commands without a thinking.

"Hey! What are you going to do to me?" Sharon asked, sudden terror gripping her. "Did you trick me to come here so that you could revenge for what I did to your sister?" she added, watching Lawrence with pleading eyes. A lot of things ran through her mind. 'If he is going to take revenge on me, I'm as good as dead, ' she thought.

"I'm gonna make you pay the full price for your mistakes," Lawrence answered with an impassive look, stressing every syllable for

"Yes. I came here with my boss," Ivy replied, looking towards Lawrence.

Rebecca understood the situation. It turned out that Ivy's boss was Lawrence and she worked as his assistant. 'Why is she so lucky?' she wondered with envy.

However, she didn't give much thought to Ivy. She was well aware that her target was Lawrence. Reminiscing her close friendship with Lawrence through childhood, she was eager to catch up with him today.

Shifting her eyes back to Lawrence, she grabbed his arm. "Now that you've know that I am an artist signed to your record label, why didn't even pay me a courtesy call after you returned from abroad?" she asked coquettishly.

Not interested in her needless blubber, Lawrence kept looking straight ahead. "Why should I come to you? Do I even know you?" he countered, attempting to withdraw his arm from her hand.

Even though Rebecca was surprised by his mean answer, she was determined to keep pressing. "I have so much to tell you, Lawrence. As for what happened back then, I owe you an apology..." she said gently, as she tightened her grip on Lawrence's arm.

But before she could finish her sentence, Lawrence stopped her.

"Miss Rebecca, please behave yourself," he howled, as he shook off her hand indignantly. He turned around and was about to leave.

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