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   Chapter 827 Please Behave Yourself (Part One)

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"He's Lawrence Chu, the host of the party," Sharon replied frankly.

"Good. Do you know his relation with Violet Chu, your daughter-in-law?" Mike continued.

Out of the blue, all the people nearby looked towards Sharon. Selina and Amy watched her intently.

Sharon remained silent. An ominous premonition took over her heart and fear engulfed her conscience.

"Well, Violet is from the Chu family, and Lawrence is her brother, just in case you didn't know," Mike declared curtly.

Caught off guard, Sharon was petrified as if her world had changed all of a sudden, without warning.

At the moment, sweet music began to play, signaling all the guests present to the official commencement of the party. One by one, they all began to mill around the stage.

As they moved forward, their eyes were transfixed on Lawrence, waiting for him to go onto the stage and give his speech.

The deep hatred in Lawrence's eyes was unmistakable, as he cast Sharon a furious glance. Careful not to spoil the moment, he tried to control his anger.

Slowly, he turned around and and ambled to the stage, taking his sweet time.

Right behind him, Mike followed behind, acting unfazed too. But within, he also felt the tension of the moment.

Next in line, behind Mike were Selina and Amy, walking side by side, heading to the stage as well.

The other ladies also walked away from Sharon. They'd rather listen to Lawrence's address than waste time on the now befuddled Sharon.

Legs turning limp, Sharon squatted down watching people around her walk away. She then looked up at the lights on the stage. All of a sudden, she understood why she had been invited here.

"Look, Greg!" Alice said to Greg as she spotted Sharon who squatted at the floor.

Greg looked along Alice's gaze, and then at Lawrence who was on the stage. By Sharon's expression he could tell that she had learnt Violet was Lawrence's sister.

Standing near the mic, Lawrence slowly and intently swept his gaze through the audience, before finally settling on a guest, in the corner far at the

there, saying nothing more. Meanwhile, Mike too was watching, mischievously calculating her every step of Sharon. Just when she was about to step onto the stage, Miked swooped in, out of the blue and stopped the old lady in her tracks.

Raising her head to look at Lawrence, Sharon paused. "So Violet is your sister?" she asked reproachfully. "Why did nobody fill me in?"

"I don't think there is any need," Lawrence snapped sharply. Even though so many people stared at him, he still blurted out. "I hope you haven't forgotten what you did to my sister, have you?" he asked brusquely.

"Yes, I hurt Violet. I look down on her. I didn't have the slightest idea that she was your sister. Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen are incredible people. How was I to know that Violet was born of nobility, timid as she was?" Loudly, Sharon responded, pronouncing the word timid with apparent derisive intonation.

All the guests shuddered at Sharon's audacity. 'How could she dare speak so ill, especially in front of violet's doting family? For all we knew, the Chu family is not one to indulge in niceties, and charity. Is Sharon writing her death wish, right in front of our eyes?' they wondered, everyone present loathing the woman's lack of good judgement.

Unable to control her anger, Selina walked straight to Sharon and without saying a word, slapped her hard across the face.

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