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   Chapter 826 Lawrence's Revenge (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5470

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"By the way, Mrs. Sharon, I heard that your daughter-in-law has left the city, has she divorced your son?"

"Not yet, but I think they will divorce soon," Sharon announced proudly, "I'll get my son another girlfriend soon, and this time I'll find one that matches up to his mark."

"Mrs. Sharon, my cousin's daughter has just come back from abroad. If you think it correct we could set a blind-date between your son and her? Well, I have to be very honest with you, I want you to ask your husband to help that girl find a job in the JS Group. After all, your family has such good relations with the Chu family, unlike others. People like us don't even get the chance to meet members from the Chu family."

"Of course I will, as long as your cousin's daughter is a good girl and gets along well with my Greg. In fact, these demands of yours would also be fulfilled!" Sharon, who enjoyed the pleasure of being flattered, didn't expect that someone was coming to meet her.

"Are you talking about matchmaking?" Selina asked whispering, as she and Amy walked towards them.

The ladies around greeted them.

"Hello, Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Selina."

Amy didn't say anything and instead looked at Sharon, whose words they had clearly heard a while back.

"Mrs. Sharon, I heard that Greg isn't your child, is he? It seems that Greg doesn't like you either, does he?" Selina asked sarcastically. Actually right now she just wanted to give a tight slap to Sharon. How dare she could ignore the love between Greg and Violet and plan on ruining their love like this! Sharon must know that the Chu family would not tolerate any nonsense.


y you, old mistress, please behave yourself."

Hearing this all the guests laughed, including Selina and Amy.

'Old mistress! How dare he call that?!' Sharon blushed with embarrassment.

Mike, neglected Sharon's surprised face, and sneered at her, "How do you think I would want to call you, maybe like, big sister?"

Another set of laughter came. All the ladies put their hands on their mouths, laughing at her plight.

Sharon looked around and was lost for words. She thought she should behave herself if she didn't want to be kicked out from the party, more so since Lawrence, the party's host was standing there.

"You can address me in some other manner, like Mrs. Xiao. My husband is..." Mike cut in before she could even finish her words.

"Your husband is Fred Xiao, the president of the XS Hospital, right? And now you want to tell me that your son is Greg Xiao, don't you?" Mike finished what Sharon was intending to say.

"Yes," Sharon nodded heavily, having nothing else to say.

"Then do you know him?" Mike asked, with his fingers pointing towards Lawrence.

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