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   Chapter 825 Lawrence's Revenge (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6252

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Derek was chatting with Fred when suddenly he heard Mond's voice. "Here they come, a warm welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Yuwen."

Both Derek and Fred turned to glance at Wilson and Selina. Although already nervous, Sharon also looked towards Selina for some sort of assurance.

Selina, also looked towards Sharon at the same time, then moved her gaze to Derek and said, "Derek, you have come early, why, I thought you got your hands full."

"I haven't come early, my dear. Rather, it is you who has come late," Derek said and laughed at her remark.

Mond shook hands with Wilson and Fred and said, "Hello, I also feel that you people have come early!"

"We just arrived as you instructed, only following the orders that you have given," Fred smiled.

Selina then again turned to look towards Sharon.

Sharon smiled at Selina but there seemed to be some kind of hesitation in her smile. "How do you do? Mrs. Selina."

"I'm always doing well," Selina replied in an angry tone. It was quite evident that she was upset over something but no one knew what that was.

Wilson, who knew where her wife's anger generated from, touched her arm and whispered in her ear, "No matter what has happened, do not forget that she is one of our guests. Please be nice to her, you don't have to behave so badly with her."

Selina ignored what her husband just said to her and glared back at Sharon. "Mrs. Sharon, you must be enjoying your life at home, aren't you? Now that both your husband and son were hard working to earn money, you must be relaxing in peace."

"Well, yes you might be partly right." Not able to find a suitable answer to Selina's question, Sharon just chose to smile back at her.

Selina, whose eyes were filled hatred, thought, 'If the party was not going on, I would have surely taken Violet's revenge from this miserable woman right here, and no one

e my eyes! it's from the JS Group!" Sharon looked excited. She hadn't had a better chance to brag about anything and so she decided to use the invitation as a tool to make others envious.

"Really? Is it because of your husband and Jackson's friendship?"

"I also heard that your husband is quite close to both the Chu and the Lu family. That's why they have invited you, isn't it?"

"Well, they haven't exclusively invited me to their parties, but this time, my name was on the list of their invitation card! All three of us, my husband, me and my son were invited!" Sharon said proudly. Violet was a nobody for her now and she was thinking to find another wife for her son by reaching out to these ladies.

"Oh, now I get it. Your invitation card is different from mine. The card my family received was with only my husband's name. I came with him because he wants me to accompany him to all his parties."

"Yes, our cards are the same. There is only my husband's name on the invitation card."

"You noticed the difference, didn't you? The JS Group has invited me exclusively!" Sharon, looked so happy that her laughter could not be controlled. In her great excitement she did not realize that the party would begin in five minutes.

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