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   Chapter 824 The Start Of The Party (Part Two)

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"Okay. Thank you so much, Rebecca," replied Ivy hurriedly.

After hanging up the phone, Ivy happily held it in her hand while murmuring to herself, "Those evening dresses were all designer labels. Even though Rebecca had worn them a few years ago, they couldn't be that outdated." Since she was not willing to spend thousands of dollars for an evening dress that she could only wear once, she was glad to be able to choose one from Rebecca's wardrobe.

At the venue of the party, the colorful lights of the five-star luxury theme park hotel flashed on every trail around its building. There were a lot of people coming and going. All men were in suits while women were in different kinds of evening dresses.

Derek and Amy arrived at the hotel quite a while ago. They were both smiling to every visitor they could see while holding goblets in their hands.

When Mond got into the hotel and reached the room where the party was to be held, he took a glass of wine from the waiter who passed by him and walked towards Derek and Amy.

"Hello, Mond. You are here," greeted Amy with a smile on her lips.

When he heard Amy's voice, Derek also turned his eyes to Mond and joked, "Hey, buddy. You are late."

"Well, it seems that Wilson and Selina have not arrived yet. I'm not the last one, am I?" Mond answered. He then raised his hand up and gently shook the glass motioning Derek to have a sip of wine with him.

After they took a sip of wine, Derek smiled and said, "It seems that you are right. You are not the last one. So, where is Selina?"

"Yeah. I'm actually wondering why she is still not here. There's no traffic jam on the way here and Selina is always punctual. So why she hasn't arrived yet?" Amy asked. She looked around as if hoping to find Selina in the crowd.

"Let's wait for a moment. Maybe something urgent came up which causes the delay of her arrival," said Derek.

"Oh, where is Lawrence?" Mond suddenly asked. "This party is hosted by the JC Group so he should have been here already, right?" Mond looked around, scanning the crowd hoping that he could also see Lawrence.

"I know he has come early but I haven't seen him yet a

Amy's tone of voice when she said her last words.

Afterwards, Amy looked at Derek and said, "You can stay here with Mond and Fred. I'll just go around to look for Selina."

"Alright," Derek replied with a nod.

Sharon cursed Amy in her mind as she watched her walked away. How could Amy talk to her like that? She was just Derek's wife and she just went to the famous ladies' clubs for several times. How could she be that arrogant?

Meanwhile, Selina walked into the party while holding Wilson's arm. She was wearing a black evening dress.

"How many people did Lawrence invite this evening?" she wondered. "There are so many people here." She looked around as if trying to recognize the faces of people present that evening.

"Young people nowadays always like to have fun. Let's just leave them alone," Wilson replied. He then looked at a group of young people not far away and asked, "Look at those young people, are they Lawrence's friends?"

"Yeah, I think so. It seems that Lawrence and Mike invited the rich second generations of the whole city here and we don't even have a common topic with these boys and girls," complained Selina.

"Alright, alright. I'm going to look for Derek and Mond. I know they came here early," Wilson said. He also couldn't get involved in the young people's group but he wouldn't be lonely with Derek and Mond.

"Alright, let's go. I also have something to say to Amy," said Selina.

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