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   Chapter 823 The Start Of The Party (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-22 01:32

The afternoon sunshine got into the room through the window and shone on Lawrence who was sitting on a chair. He was sipping the cup of coffee in his hand.

"Do you think Sharon will come to the party tonight?" asked Mike. He was sitting opposite to Lawrence and also sipping his cup of coffee.

"Of course she will come to the party," replied Lawrence without any trace of doubt. He then turned around to look in the opposite direction and continued, "Her vanity will certainly make her come to the party."

"So what do you plan to do with her?" Mike asked again. Before Lawrence could answer, he immediately added, "Whatever you are planning to do with her, you have to think for her family members too. I mean, Fred and Greg. As you know, Fred is one of your father's good friends and he took care of Violet in the hospital when she got injured. Moreover, Greg is your brother-in-law."

"I know that," replied Lawrence in his usual cold tone. "Don't worry, I will not do anything bad to Fred or else my Dad and Uncle Derek will get angry at me."

Mike nodded and said, "Yeah. Those elders have quite a close relationship with each other so we need to be careful no matter what we are going to do in case we destroy their relationship one day."

"Sharon is my only target," declared Lawrence. He would never let those people who dared to hurt Violet off the hook. And first of them was Sharon.

Mike fell into silence and didn't say anything else.

After a long moment of silence, it seemed that Mike suddenly thought of something and he immediately put his cup on the table. He looked nervously at Lawrence and asked, "By the way, Lawrence, will she come to the party, too?"

Lawrence didn't answer his question.

"Does she know that you will be coming to the party as well? Are you ready to meet her?" Mike continued asking since Lawrence didn't answer his first question. "Ready? Do I need any preparations before I meet her?" Lawrence asked back this time.

His eyes were full of hatred. Whenever someone would mention about that woman, he would

expect that new employees like you who have just been working there for only a few days can have the chance to attend such an important party. Do you know how prestigious those people who are going to be there?" Rebecca said with a sneer. 'How can someone like her who does't even have a fashion sense attend such an important party?' she thought. In Rebecca's mind, Ivy was just a poor girl who came from a small alley. She didn't have any tastes in her dresses and makeups. She didn't even have any excellent skills that she could show off in front of others. So, how could she get the opportunity to attend such an important party?

"Oh, Rebecca. I actually didn't have any intentions of going to that party. But my boss required me to go with him. I only have to obey his orders. I don't have any choice," Ivy explained. She didn't know what else she could do except to keep silent when Rebecca sneered at her. Anyway, she was already used to sardonic words.

"Alright, alright. I don't want to listen to your explanations anymore. But I just want to warn you, no one will welcome you to that party. No one will even notice your presence there," Rebecca said in a disdainful voice. "Go to my house and check the wardrobe in my room. There are several evening dresses there which I wore when I attended some exhibitions a few years ago. You can choose one that you like."

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