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   Chapter 822 A Special Invitation (Part Two)

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Sharon hastily said, "That's right. Look." She took the invitation and handed it to Greg. Then she added, "The JC Group is really affluent. You can easily tell by just looking at the design of their invitation. Our names are here and if you touch them, you can feel them with your fingers."

Greg looked at the invitation and seemed to understand what happened. He thought that this party was intentionally held by Lawrence, possibly targeting at Sharon.

Greg turned to her father, "Father, if you're busy, you don't need to go there. The JC Group might have invited a lot of people and you might feel uncomfortable there. It will only waste your time." He wanted to stop them from going to the party to avoid meeting Lawrence. Knowing that his family might be in danger, he would need to stop them before something happened.

Before Fred could open his mouth, Sharon spoke up, "Greg, you can't say that. We know that lots of people will be at that party because the JC Group is the most powerful company in this city. This is also the reason why we should go there. Just come to think of it. We will meet a lot of powerful and important people there such as the managers and the CEOs of the JS Group, ZM Group and H King Group. So many top management personnel will attend the party. If we go there tomorrow night, we will probably get the chance to know these people."

When he saw Sharon's wide smile, Greg could already tell that she was now imagining the party. However, he was worried that the party wouldn't be as wonderful and cheerful as she thought of it. Instead, tomorrow night might be the most embarrassing moment for her.

Fred looked at Greg then turned to Sharon. But he didn't know what to say. Besides, Sharon didn't know that Lawrence was Violet's brother.

Since Fre

to you and I also have to consider your safety. So it would be best if you don't go to the party tomorrow." Tomorrow, he would also talk to Tim and Alice before he would decide whether he would go to the party or not.

Fred said, "I actually didn't intend to go. We owe the Chu Family and Violet and we should apologize to them." Then he looked into Greg's eyes and continued, "But Greg, something just can't be avoided. If Lawrence decides to do something and it is not so way out of line, I can totally accept it because we owe the Chu Family and we owe Violet's unborn baby.'

Greg's heart softened. He had wanted to shoulder this responsibility alone but he wasn't excepting that his father also blamed himself for what happened. He couldn't help but call him, "Father."

"My son, I know what you want to say. I know you and Violet are the saddest people since you've lost your baby. But if I can do something for you, I will be happy. I will talk to your aunt tonight but if she still wants to go, I'll go with her."

Greg looked at his father's face and found nothing else to say. He had never enjoyed his mother's care and love but he now felt warm because of his father's concern.

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