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   Chapter 821 A Special Invitation (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5368

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At the JC Group.

Lawrence elegantly walked in the JC Group building. He was wearing a dark navy suit. Every employee who passed by him would nod and greet him.

He stepped into the golden elevator which was intended only for the CEO. This time he was not as cold as usual because of the woman who was occupying his mind - Ivy.

When the "ding-dong" sound was heard, the elevator door opened. Lawrence walked out of the elevator and went directly to his office. The moment he reached his office, he saw Ivy sitting on her desk and working while Polly was sitting in front of his office door.

Polly immediately stood up and greeted Lawrence when she saw him, "Hello, Mr. Lawrence."

Ivy also quickly stood up, looked at Lawrence and said, "Hello, Mr. Lawrence."

Lawrence peered at Ivy and said, "Come to my office now."

Ivy was astonished. She pointed at herself in puzzlement and asked, "Me?" But Lawrence didn't answer and only turned his back on her and walked inside his office.

Ivy and Polly couldn't help but exchange a wondering look. Then Polly said in a low voice, "Go there quickly or else he will be mad at you."

"Oh, okay," Ivy replied blankly then hastily tidied up her table and walked into the CEO's office.

Lawrence was already seated in his swivel chair. He stared at Ivy who was standing right in front of him. He couldn't understand why but he only wanted to keep on staring at her.

Ivy felt awkward because of Lawrence's stare, so she asked, "Mr. Lawrence, is there anything you want me to do?" She dared not look straight into his eyes so she looked around.

"Okay," Lawrence replied. Then he hung up the phone without waiting for the man to say anything more.

In the evening, Greg Xiao drove back to the Xiao Family. The moment he walked inside the house, he saw his father and his aunt sitting in the living room. He could see a smile on his aunt's face.

As Sharon saw him, she happily walked to him and greeted, "Hello, Greg. You're back."

"Yes," Greg replied with a nod. Then he went to his father and greeted him, "Father."

Fred said, 'You're back. Have a seat. The dinner will be ready in a moment."

"Okay," Greg agreed.

Sharon went to them and sat next to Fred. She gladly held his arm and said, "Fred, will Greg go with us tomorrow night?"

Greg was confused and looked at them. He didn't know he was going somewhere tomorrow night.

Fred ignored her question and looked at Greg. At first he found it difficult to tell him about it but eventually he said, "Greg, the JC Group has invited our whole family to a party."

"Party?" Greg was surprised. He had no idea that a party would be held.

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