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   Chapter 820 Changing Herself (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-21 04:01

Cherry nodded and understood her daughter's thought. "Violet, in fact, I have discussed this with your father before. We used to let you stay in the country and live a dull life which was not right. You know, I also feel regretful sometimes. If I persuaded you and pushed you more to study abroad to learn more knowledge and improve your abilities, you would have become an excellent person like Alice and Austin. Before you married Greg, your dad and I were actually worried about what your future life would be," Cherry finally unveiled her real feelings to Violet. Since her daughter rarely came to her and confide, she wanted to have a deep chat with her this time. "Just listen to your heart's desire. I will support you all the way. I am really happy to hear your plans. I think it's best that you think this way. The children of the Chu family are no worse than others. Both you and your brother are the pride of me and your dad," Cherry added emotionally.

Violet raised her head and looked at her mother's face. She met her mother's gaze and said, "Mom, you and Dad did not spoil me. You have always been the best parents in the world. I neither regret nor feel sad about being who I am now. Also, I love Greg. This is the truth that can't be changed. But since I have lost something in the past, I will make it up in the future. The most important point is that I want to achieve everything in the shortest time possible."

Cherry held her daughter's hands and said excitedly, "Okay, let's start searching about the admission requirements of some Hong Kong universities so we could start preparing tomorrow. I will also help you with your lessons once you start to study."

"Okay," Violet nodded firmly. Her mind felt a lot more at ease now. It seemed that her tomorrow

too much. Suddenly, she remembered something, "Oh, by the way, since you have handed over everything to Lawrence at home, how has he been doing recently?" "Is everything okay?" she added.

"Yes, everything is okay. But something happened," Jackson replied with a smile.

"What is it?" Cherry hurriedly asked. "Did he do anything wrong?"

As he saw Cherry's nervous look, Jackson pressed her nose and said, "You don't care that much about my work but why are you quite interested in your son's work?"

"Stop teasing me. Just tell me what happened to Lawrence," Cherry pretended to be mad. This man still loved to make fun of her every time they would talk about their son.

"He earned a benefit for our company which is supposed to be the biggest benefit ever," Jackson said happily.

When she heard it, Cherry's worries faded. She smiled happily. She behaved like a little girl and reached out her arms to hold Jackson's neck. Then she said, "It seems that our son is really brilliant."

"Of course, he is my son," Jackson replied proudly.

"Don't flatter yourself too much. He is my son," Cherry countered.

"He is also mine," Jackson didn't want to admit defeat.

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