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   Chapter 819 Changing Herself (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-21 03:48

At the Chu Villa in Hong Kong.

Violet shrank in the corner of the sofa with her hands clasping her legs tightly. She held the phone in her hand and buried her head on her laps. Her shoulders were twitching.

Cherry, who was watching TV, suddenly noticed that her daughter had already stopped talking beside her. 'Wasn't she talking with her brother just now?' he wondered.

She turned around to look at her daughter. She immediately felt that there was something wrong with her. 'Her shoulders were apparently twitching. Is she crying?' Cherry asked herself again.

She immediately stood up and walked to the sofa. She sat beside her daughter and put an arm around her shoulders.

"Violet, what's wrong?" Cherry asked softly. She thought, 'Violet has finally began to feel better recently. Did something happen at their home again?'

Violet didn't answer. Her head was still buried and she was still crying.

Cherry started to worry but she tried her best to stay calm.

She took her phone out and dialed her son's number.

"Hello, Mom," Lawrence answered the phone immediately.

"Lawrence, did anything happen to our family?" Cherry asked in a rush.

"Why? What's wrong?" Lawrence asked back.

"Violet is crying and I don't know why. What did you say to her?" Cherry asked again seriously.

Lawrence immediately understood what her mother meant. So he said to her patiently, "Mom, we are fine. I just told Violet something about Greg. Maybe that's the reason why she is crying."

Cherry no

kept silent because she knew that her daughter wasn't done yet.

Violet continued, "I have experienced so much in our relationship when Greg returned and also with the arrival of Alice and Tim. I saw different excellent qualities on them. They are brilliant not because of their backgrounds but because of their own excellence. Let's take Alice for example. She lives under the starlight not because of being the heiress of the JC Group nor being the daughter of the Lu family but because of her excellent skill in designing. We all know that she is really excellent when it comes to designing. I also want to be like her. I want to develop a strength that can be recognized by others, showing my own abilities. I want to become an outstanding person through those abilities." Perhaps her previous life was too calm. As she wanted a calm life, her parents gave her a peaceful life. Everything only went rough when she got together with Greg. She suddenly realized that she had been so ignorant in the past.

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