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   Chapter 818 When Will I Meet The Right Person (Part Two)

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That was about all that Mike could do, given the animosity that was playing out right before his eyes. He'd done his best. He knew Lawrence very well. Roughly he could guess that Greg was a bit shaken. Particularly, the idea of Lawrence taking revenge on Sharon unnerved him, even he emanated a dominating aura. But in the end, it wasn't lost on Mike that Violet's husband was a unyielding. Now that two big shots met, he wasn't surprised at the scene.

With his head down, Greg raised his brow, attempting to find a solution. But his mind went blank.

"Lawrence, I've never stopped loving Violet. I admit that sometimes I was impulsive and didn't treat her well. But I'll never change my heart from loving her. That's a part of me that she forever owns. Our love for each other goes all the way, back to childhood. And ever since I've never felt the need to love another girl. Even today, she is still that one special lady who makes my world go round," Greg blurted out his feelings. "I don't know why Violet and I ended up like this. I lost my child, and Violet left me. I admit that it was my fault to have let her go.

I should have made her stay, no matter what happened. I should have done better, by turning down all the other women entirely and giving Violet my undivided affection. But I didn't. It's my fault. It is my retribution that the woman who means everything to me left me. But no matter where she goes, she will always have a home in my heart. That I promise."

Greatly, Lawrence was touched by Greg's almost poetic profusion of love.

Even Mike was left speechless. After hearing Greg's confession, he couldn't find any reason to blame him. It was apparent that Greg was not responsible for what Violet had suffered. Greg was a man who so deeply loved Violet. And by the fact that Violet too had married Greg in total disregar

tion of Greg's name might give her a terrible headache.

"I see," Violet responded after a long pause.

"He wanted you to know he wishes you happiness and he hopes you're taking good care of yourself," Lawrence tried as much as possible to correctly paraphrase Greg's own words.

But immediately he was done reporting for Violet cut the call in abruptly, without any response.

Frustrated, Lawrence threw his phone on the sofa, and sank into deep thought. 'She must be feeling upset now. I can tell, she really loves this man and won't let him go. So why did she leave him?'

Waking from his reverie, he figured it out. 'Violet's love with Greg is unshakable. Especially after the harrowing loss of their child, they seemed to have learned to cherish each other even more. Everyone makes mistakes, young people in particular. But the painful experience had taught them better and just as Greg said; his heart was with Violet. They have given each other their lifelong commitments. I'm sure that they will get together sooner or later. I feel happy for Violet that she has found her happiness.

But when will I meet the right person?' he contemplated, a heavy sense of loneliness descending on him like a secluded hermit.

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