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   Chapter 817 When Will I Meet The Right Person (Part One)

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In anger, Lawrence thundered dropping his wine on the ground. The sound of broken glass drew the attention of the two men in black, who were standing guard outside. Promptly, they pushed the door open and stormed into the private room.

He glared at the middle-aged man, wishing him dead.

"No one can dare to lay a hand on my family and get away with it. I should have let you pay the price for your mistakes years ago," Lawrence began brusquely. If Violet had filled him in on this back then, he wouldn't have figured it out only before he returned from abroad.

With a scornful eye, Mike looked down at the anxious man. "You should feel lucky that you have lived so long," he sneered.

Then turning to the two men in black, he coldly ordered, "Take him away from here."

Promptly, the men grabbed and dragged the middle-aged man out.

Sounding panic-stricken, the man desperately pleaded, "Mr. Lawrence, please forgive me. It's all my fault. I confess. Please let me go. Please."

Unmoved at heart, Lawrence didn't even pay the slightest attention to the man's imploring words. He was mad at what his sister had suffered.

The room fell silent again. Greg sat on the couch, staring blankly ahead. He was in a mess.

Looking blankly ahead, Lawrence asked, "Do you think we are in urgent need of money, Greg? A hundred million dollars means nothing to me. I can even give you ten billion." he added disdainfully.

Shaking his head, Greg replied, "I know she didn't lack of money. But I didn't expect that Aunt would have treated Violet like that." He looked utterly downcast.

"Didn't you know that Sharon disliked Violet?' asked Mike, keenly following.

"I knew. Every ti

eg was his brother-in-law. But at the thought of his lovely sister, he had no other option but to regard him as his own family. Although that did not mean he would spare anyone who laid hands on anything or anyone he treasured.

With a wistful expression, Greg didn't say a word. He was well aware of the power of the Chu family. And he knew that Lawrence was serious and no one could change his mind.

Putting on a grim look on his face, he knitted his brows and turned his gaze away from Greg. "I don't need you to tell me how to deal with things, Greg. Just mind your own business," he snapped.

Pensively, Mike watched Lawrence's side face. Afraid that the two might end up with a fight, he stood out and tried to meditate. "Calm down, Lawrence. We did all of this for Violet," he suggested.

Pursing his lips, Lawrence listened to Mike with a dispassionate air. He didn't say another word.

Noting that Lawrence composed himself, Mike turned to look at Greg. "You have already learnt the truth. You'd better not infuriate him. After all, you are a family. You should get on well with each other," he admonished.

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