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   Chapter 816 She Was Behind All These

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 10131

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It was eight o'clock in the evening.

A waiter walked towards Greg as soon as he entered the bar.

"Good evening, Mr. Xiao," the waiter greeted politely.

Greg simply nodded. He already guessed that Lawrence sent this waiter since he was in charge of this bar.

"Mr. Lawrence Chu is waiting for you in the room. Please follow me," said the waiter while guiding him to VIP area.

Without any question, Greg followed the waiter into the VIP room.

The flickering neon lights and the noisy music played by the DJ in the bar did not bother Greg at all. Nothing even seemed to catch his attention.

There were only a few people in the VIP area especially in the corridor. The waiter didn't say much while they were heading to Lawrence's room.

As they reached the door, the waiter stopped. He turned to Greg and said,"Mr. Chu is inside waiting for you. Since my duty is done, I shall take my leave now."

As soon as he finished his words, the waiter strode back to the bar.

Greg waited until the waiter was out of his sight. Then he knocked at the door. No one responded so he pushed the door and walked in.

When he was inside, he saw Lawrence sitting on the sofa. There was a glass of wine in his hand. Beside him was Mike who caught Greg's attention. Greg couldn't help but stare at him.

Mike, with a cigarette in his hand, felt Greg's presence. He looked up and greeted Greg when he recognized who he was,"Hello. I'm Mike Chu."

As Mike introduced himself, Greg had confirmed that his guess was right when he for the first time saw the man sitting beside Lawrence. So he greeted him back,"Hi. I'm Greg Xiao."

Greg then turned to Lawrence and called out his name in a low voice,"Lawrence."

However, Lawrence just ignored him and kept on drinking his wine. His gaze was in somewhere not in Greg's direction.

Greg who was still standing, hopelessly had no idea what to do next because of Lawrence's silence and neglect. He sensed an air of a king from Lawrence who just quietly sat on the sofa.

Mike was suddenly became aware of the awkward situation. He glimpsed at Lawrence only to find out that he was still indifferent. So he just said to Greg,"Please sit down, Greg. Take your time."

Greg once heard from Violet that Mike was her brother's closest friend and the two always shared unanimous views about everything.

Greg sat down on the sofa next to them but still looking at Lawrence.

Mike knew that Greg came to Lawrence for some private matters so he said to him,"Greg, please feel free to tell Lawrence anything you want to say as if I'm not here."

Greg nodded to him in response. In fact, Mike's presence didn't really bother him because obviously, Mike already had full knowledge about all the issues.

Lawrence turned to Mike and asked,"Did you bring the man here?"

"Of course, I did. Do you want him to be here now?" Mike asked. He immediately got the answer from Lawrence's grave expression so he took out his phone and called his men.

When the line got through, Mike

dn't get any response from his listeners so he continued,"It seemed that Sharon wanted to force her to receive a sum of money in leaving you. The girl resisted but finally failed when we did what Sharon told us to. She then had no choice but to accept Sharon's terms."

"Where's the money then?" Mike finally asked. This was what he and Lawrence wanted to do. They wanted Greg to know that Violet was forced to take Sharon money and in fact she did nothing wrong.

"The money..." the man seemed to recall his memory. Then he continued,"One of my friends took the money from the girl when she fainted and gave it back to Sharon. Then Sharon gave us two million instead of one million That was the end of our deal." The man would never dare to lie in fear of losing his life.

Greg's heart beat so rapidly that he almost couldn't breath. His eyes became dull. Only now that he figured out Sharon's scheming. He had hated Violet because he thought she sold their love for money. But the truth was, she did nothing wrong. Now he felt sorry for her because he misunderstood things. She was innocent. Sharon, she was behind all these. "I would rather have her taken the money as long as she was safe, ' he thought.

From Greg's panic and emotional expression, Lawrence and Mike could tell that Greg was already awakened by truth.

Mike gave the middle-aged man a savage look and shouted, 'Get out of here!"

"Okay, okay, okay," the middle-aged man answered at once.

He hurriedly stood up and was about to leave when Lawrence stopped him,"Wait a minute."

Shaking the glass of wine, Lawrence said in a cold voice,"Don't you think you haven't paid a price after you mistreated a member of my family?"

Everyone knew what he exactly meant.

The frightened middle-aged man wanted to crawl back to Lawrence and plead for his forgiveness. But before he could make a move, Mike stopped him.

"Please, please, forgive me! I didn't know that she was your sister. I really didn't know!" the middle-aged man begged.

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