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   Chapter 815 A Meeting

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Standing outside the building of the JC Group, Ivy Li looked up at the company's name on the top of this skyscraper. Almost all young people dreamed of working in this company. Now that she had gotten this chance, she decided to seize it.

She took a deep breath before she entered the building. She went directly to the front desk.

"Hello, I'm Ivy Li. I am new here," Ivy Li said in a mellow tone.

The front desk staff had already received instructions, so with a diplomatic smile, this young and gorgeous girl responded politely, "Hello Miss Ivy. I will take you to CEO's office. Please follow me."

"What?" Ivy Li mumbled with mouth agape. She didn't expect to meet the CEO of the JC Group on her first working day. However, after recovering from the shock, she replied, "Ummm... okay, thank you."

The receptionist took Ivy Li to the lift which directly led to the CEO's office. They entered the empty lift and reached the destination without any delays.

"Hello. This is your new colleague, Ivy Li," the receptionist introduced Ivy to a woman outside the CEO's office.

Polly Lin stood up and eyed Ivy Li up and down. Then she nodded at her. In a friendly voice, she said, "Hello, Miss Ivy. I'm one of the CEO's assistants, Polly Lin. You can call me Polly. From today onward, we will be working together. I'm glad to meet you."

"Hi, Polly. I'm glad to meet you, too," Ivy greeted back with a smile.

Polly Lin then turned to the receptionist and said, "You can go back to your work. I will handle things here."

"Okay," the girl responded before taking her leave.

When the receptionist was out of sight, Polly Lin said to Ivy Li, "Wait for a minute. I'll just get inside and inform our boss that you're here."

"Okay," Ivy Li replied.

She sat on the leather couch beside the door to wait.

After a few minutes, Polly Lin walked out of the CEO's office. She immediately told Ivy Li, "You can come inside now. Boss is waiting for you."

"Well, thank you!" Ivy Li replied and then walked into the CEO's office.

The instant she got inside, she was astonished by how spacious the office was. She had never seen an office as big as this one. While looking around, she spotted a figure sitting at the desk not far from her.

'He must be the CEO of the JC Group. I heard his name is Lawrence, ' she thought.

"Hello. My name is Ivy Li. I am your new..." Before she could finish her words, she was stunned when Lawrence turned his swivel chair to face her. She was slack-jawed.

'What is he doing here? He is Lawrence Chu? Oh my god!' she screamed inwardly.

"Ivy Li," Lawrence spoke out her name. He studied the panic-stricken woman in front of him and convinced himself that she looked ugly. However, his eyes betrayed her because the moment he turned to face her, he hadn't taken his eyes off her.

"Yes, I am," Ivy Li replied in a low voice. Then after a short silence, she confusedly asked, "Why are you here? How could you be the CEO of the JC Group?"

"Is there any problem with that?" Lawrence countered. His beautiful eyes surveyed Ivy Li who was still standing in front of him with interest.

'What a silly woman! She asked such stupid

added broodingly.

"He probably wants to confess something to you. You are Violet's brother, after all. He and Violet are not divorced yet," Mike surmised.

"Greg is not a fool. He definitely knows what he is doing," Mike added. The Xiao family was a respectable family in the city. Greg was a well-educated person. Even though he wasn't as witty as Lawrence, he must have his own thoughts.

"Perhaps he comes to me for Violet," Lawrence blurted his thoughts.

"I think so, too. I can't think of any other reasons," Mike agreed. After ruminating for a moment, Mike went on, "I will bring that man there tonight. Through him, we can prove that Violet is innocent. We can roughly guess what Greg is going to say so it's up to you on how you are going to deal with him." He was transfixed by Lawrence's profile who was in a deep thought. He was afraid that Lawrence might scold or even beat Greg up. The two loved Violet deeply, after all. She meant everything to them. They would risk their lives to protect her. Once they met, they might have a fight.

"All I want is for Violet to live a happy life," Lawrence voiced out his thought on this matter. Once Greg treated Violet well and loved her wholeheartedly, he would never hurt him. But if on the contrary, he wouldn't let Greg go.

"I think that Greg is a good husband," Mike defended Greg. "As what Alice and Tim said, Greg loves Violet with all his heart. You and I both know that as well. It was all Cassie's fault. Greg is also innocent."

"But the thing is, Violet suffered a lot," Lawrence snapped sharply. He couldn't ignore the fact that his favorite sister had lost her child and had been bullied.

Mike didn't know how to retort. He couldn't deny that Lawrence's words made sense.

Time ticked by slowly. After a long hesitation, Mike broke the silence. He began, "I'll bring him to the bar. I'm sure he can prove Violet's innocence. But..."

After a short pause, he advised, "Try to control your temper in front of Greg. It isn't all his fault. He must have respect for you. After all, you're Violet's brother."

Lawrence remained silent.

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