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   Chapter 814 Hired By The JC Group (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-03-20 00:31

Starting to get worried, Ivy Li nodded to let Alice know she's listening.

Keeping her gaze steady on her assistant, Alice straightforwardly said, "The thing is, today's your last day here."

"Ma'am? Sorry, did I do anything wrong? Please give me another chance. I promise I'll work harder and I will do better," Ivy Li started to plead to Alice, her expression rattled.

Alice shook her head, a hint of smile on her lips. Shr said, "No. You got it all wrong. Relax and hear me out first."

Ivy Li stared at her boss and slowly nodded. She swallowed and tried to control her feelings even though she was starting to feel uneasy with worry.

Alice lifted the letter. With a smile, she explained, "This arrived this morning. It is an offer letter from the HR of the JC Group and it is addressed to you. You're now the assistant to the CEO of the JC Group."

"Ma'am? Me? The assistant to the President of the JC Group?" Ivy Li stuttered, unable to form her thoughts. She gazed at Alice, shaking her head in disbelief. 'Wow! Are you kidding me? The assistant of the President of JC Group?' she was screaming inside.

"That's right," Alice smiled and handed the letter to her panic-stricken employee. "You're chosen and hired by the CEO of the JC Group, Lawrence Chu. There, look at his signature."

With trembling hands, Ivy Li took the paper from her boss. She had a close look at it and scanned every word with her eyes. She saw the seal and logo

but decided to stop raising more questions. For sure she would know what was going on after meeting Mr. Lawrence. She trusted Alice. Thinking about how good the offer was, she was too enraptured to focus on anything else.

Watching Ivy Li skip out of her office with so much joy, Alice picked up her phone and dialed Lawrence's number.

The line clicked and Lawrence's cold voice resounded from the other line. "Hello, Alice,"

"I already gave the offer letter to her, Lawrence. I explained as much as I can, she had too many queries. She will arrive at your office later. Expect to be bombarded with quite a few excited questions from her," Alice diligently reported.

"Okay. Thank you, Alice," Lawrence said and ended the call.

He picked up his telephone and called up one of his assistants.

"Bring Ivy Li to my office the moment she arrives," he demanded.

"Okay, boss. Will do," a professional, soft voice answered from the other end of the line.

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