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   Chapter 813 Hired By The JC Group (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-20 00:31

"You know he might come to you. He would want to meet and talk to you," Tim somberly uttered, his stony face still turned towards Greg. He wanted to remind his friend of the fact that Violet's brother might want to cross with him. He was still anxious that he could not figure out Lawrence and Mike's next agenda, even after his short exchange with the latter.

"Then good, let him come. And even if he doesn't, I intend to be the one to come to him. I have every intention to visit and get to know him. He is Violet's brother, after all. Since I got married with Violet, I never got to encounter and connect with Violet's brother or her parents. I think it's important that I make that effort now," Greg blandly chattered on.

"Are you serious? Now? What if he hurts you, huh? Haven't you thought of that? His sister, your wife got hurt and lost her baby. What if he puts the blame on you? Aren't you afraid of what Lawrence could do to you?" Tim alarmingly asked, his voice rising with dread. He was agitated. He was alarmed that Greg was not thinking of his own safety. He thought his friend might not be thinking straight if he was disregarding the fact that Lawrence and Mike might take revenge on him.

"Maybe you're right, maybe you're not," Greg shrugged. "But even if they do something to me, even if they hurt me, I don't really care. I deserve all that. I was not a good husband. I failed to protect my wife and our baby. Of course they would want to hurt me," he continued, his voice breaking and his eyes brimming with tears. 'I hate myself. I have no right to ask for forgiveness,

," Greg answered coldly, glaring straight ahead.

"Oh. Okay. I understand," Tim muttered, looking down.

With her blinds open, the sunlight of the morning sun was illuminating the inside of her posh office. Alice sat behind her desk, absentmindedly stroking the fur cover of her office chair as she read the offer letter that came this morning. The logo of the JC Group was clearly visible from the heading. She was brooding over the name of who the offer was addressed to. She was trying to think of a way on how to disclose the contents of the letter to Ivy Li, her assistant.

Suddenly, a knock sounded outside the door, breaking the peace inside the room. Having called for Ivy Li earlier, Alice knew it was her assistant who was now knocking on her door. Without looking up, she called, "Come in, please."

Ivy quietly opened the door and made her way into her boss' office. She stood in front of Alice's desk and politely smiled and bowed to her boss in greeting.

Alice looked up. "I have something to tell you, Ivy," she began with a stern face.

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