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   Chapter 812 Hired By The JC Group (Part One)

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Amidst Mike's hesitancy, Tim was quite aware of what his question was truly about.

In fact, he knew very well that Sharon was the problem. Tim was no stranger to the fact that Greg's stepmother did not like Greg very much. 'She must have treated Violet terribly, ' Tim thought to himself.

"Is something wrong? What's the matter? Why are you so reluctant to tell me? C'mon, tell me what's the problem." Mike persistently asked as he stared directly at Tim, his eyes full of urgency.

"Hey, don't get me wrong," Sensing Mike's strong desire to know, Tim immediately answered. Knowing he would not be able to dodge Mike's string of questions, he kept going, "I'm pretty sure you're well informed about Violet and the Xiao family by now. So I guess you and Lawrence formed your own opinions and judgments already."

Tim tried to beat around the bush, not giving direct responses to his questions. The implication behind his words was enough to affirm Mike's assumptions, though.

Mike chose not to respond. Instead, he quietly took a sip of his wine; still looking at Tim.

Under Mike's dubious gaze, Tim tentatively asked, "So, what are you planning to do?"

Mike absentmindedly swirled his wine and ruefully replied in a low voice, "How could we have allowed anyone to intimidate and torment Violet?"

After hearing Mike's response, Tim was suddenly alert. He realized that Mike and Lawrence might be planning to make a move. He had no idea what those two big shots could be capable of doing next.

"Greg would never hurt Violet. He's innocent. He loves his wife," Tim said. He felt the need to defend his best friend, bothered that Mike and Lawrence might be thinking about making Greg suffer.

oncerned look.

"You've been drowning yourself in alcohol these days. You refuse to fix yourself. I was afraid you might be in a drunken stupor again," Tim continued, ignoring Greg's rebuttal. He was bothered because his friend had been a mess since Violet left. No matter how he tried, Greg did not want to leave the house. His friend stayed in and wallowed in his misery but refused to do anything about it.

Greg refused to acknowledge Tim's words. He remained silent. He walked away and sat at the other end of the couch, away from his friend.

Tim, however, was determined to talk some sense to his friend. He transfixed his eyes on Greg. "Did you know that Violet's brother had been back for a few days already?" he asked, tilting his head.

"Yes, Tim, I know. I heard that he took over the JC Group. It's all everyone talks about," Greg replied with a hint of annoyance. Although Lawrence tried to lay low and keep it quiet, the news spread was out of his control. His takeover was all over the news, and it had been the headline for days. People all over the city was curious about the mysterious inheritor of the JC Group.

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