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   Chapter 811 She Could Be Useful (Part Two)

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Alice replied, "Ha ha ha! Of course, he is my brother."

Meanwhile, Tim looked at Lawrence and said, "Thank you."

Lawrence didn't say anything. He just nodded his head and motioned that he didn't need to thank him.

Then he turned to Alice and said, "Alice, there's something I want ask you."

Tim immediately understood that Lawrence wanted to talk to Alice alone.

So he said, "I saw some friends over there earlier. I'll just go there to greet them. You guys should talk."

"Okay," Alice replied. After Tim had left, she looked at Lawrence and asked, "What's up?"

However, Lawrence didn't respond. Only then that Mike realized that Lawrence didn't want him to be there either. So he said in a defeated tone, "Fine! I'll go around and flirt with some beauties. I won't bother you anymore."

Now that only him and Alice were left, Lawrence finally spoke up, "Is Ivy Li your employee?"

"Ivy Li?" Alice repeated in a surprised voice. "Yes, she is my employee," she replied quickly.

"I want her. Tell her to move to the JC Group tomorrow morning," he ordered Alice in a firmed tone.

The moment he laid eyes on her at the restroom, Lawrence already made this decision. He would never let Ivy leave him anymore.

"Why? She is my employee and she works really well," Alice asked in puzzlement. She knew that the JC Group had a very high standard. They even had the best talents in the country. Obviously, the educational background requirement in this company was also very high. Ivy only graduated from a common university. She couldn't understand why her brother would be interested to employ Ivy.

Lawrence simply said, "Just do as I said." He had never explained anything to anyone and he always believed that other people should just obey his or

him. Lawrence and Mike had just returned recently and they hadn't done anything yet but Tim thought that since he knew what happened between Greg and Violet, Lawrence also knew it. Tim was surprised that Mike didn't know what really happened.

When Mike noticed that Tim didn't speak, he added, "I only want to know one thing. Is Violet happy in Greg's family?" He emphasized the word "happy" on purpose.

Tim didn't intend to hide from Mike so he honestly replied, "Greg's family is big. But I'm sure that she is happy with Greg. There are so many outside troubles that make them..."

Before Tim could finish, Mike interrupted him, "What about Fred?" He was direct in asking the questions because according to what he found out, Violet didn't really like Greg's family. Otherwise, she wouldn't have lived in a small apartment with Greg. She should have chosen to live in the villa where Greg's family lived.

"He is nice to Violet and he likes her. Well, you know that he has a very good relationship with Alice's father and Violet's father. So, how could he possibly treat Violet badly?"

"What about the problem between them and Sharon?" Mike asked as he stared at Tim.

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