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   Chapter 810 She Could Be Useful (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-19 11:59

Ivy didn't know what to do so she just nodded her head and said, "Hello."

Then she stepped forward planning to stride towards the restroom. However, Lawrence stopped her and held her arm. The next second, she found herself already pulled inside the men's room.

Lawrence was obviously very angry as he pressed Ivy against the wall. He throttled her neck with one hand and seized her arm with his other hand.

"What...what do you want to do?" Ivy exclaimed in terror. In such a close distance, she could even smell Lawrence's scent.

Lawrence questioned, "What's your relation with Rebecca Lin?" He glared at Ivy, his cheeks flushing. But, the longer he stared at her, he came to realize that Ivy still looked great even without the makeup and fancy clothes.

Ivy felt that her arm was hurting but she just endured it. She didn't want Lawrence to know that she was already in pain. She replied, "She is my sister. She lives next to my apartment."

Lawrence didn't respond and just kept on staring at her.

Ivy looked into his eyes timidly and added, "You know Rebecca? She will be very busy since she will have to start shooting a new drama. So she requested me to take care of her aunt. That's the reason why I am here now."

After his long silence, Lawrence finally spoke again. He asked fiercely, "Are you her maid?"

Ivy was astonished and wondered why he asked such question.

But despite her confusion, she still managed to reply, "No, no, no."

"Then why do you need to help her take care of other people?" Lawrence asked again. He knew that he was being childish right now but he couldn't control himself. He wasn't sure if it was because of Rebecca or it was because of Ivy who was standing in front of hi

timidated. He thought that he'd better keep silent.

Then he turned to Mike and politely reached out his hand for a handshake. Then he greeted, "Hello."

Mike took his hand and said, "I've heard that you are into a hotel business. We may have a chance to cooperate in the future." Then he turned to Lawrence as if waiting for him to comment.

But before Lawrence could open his mouth, Alice immediately said, "Yes. Lawrence, since you own the JC Group, you should take care of Tim if you have good chance."

Lawrence looked at Alice and nodded his head slightly. He thought that he should give Tim some business opportunities for the sake of his sister.

So Lawrence answered, "After I'm done evaluating the company's current situation, I can let him manage some of JC Group's hotels." His words represented the final decision which influenced the fate of every person.

Alice and Tim looked at each other and smiled happily when they heard Lawrence's response.

Then Mike joked, "Do you see that, Alice? Your Lawrence obviously likes you the most that he is so generous to Tim. I'm kind of jealous." He pretended to give them a long face.

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