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   Chapter 809 The Charlady (Part Two)

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Ivy's eyebrow shot up and she looked behind her. Looking at Mike, she said with conviction, "Excuse me, I am not a charlady. How dare you call me that. I have a name and I am a field assistant, not a charlady."

Lawrence and Mike both looked at Ivy. Lawrence, still with a calm face, looked away. He decided not to pay attention and he did not need to talk to her, anyway.

"Oh, field assistant. Isn't that the same with charlady? Just a different term." Mike teasingly asked, having fun.

"You," looking at Mike's smile, Ivy was so angry that she couldn't say anything.

Annoyed by Mike's laugh, Ivy looked at the other man. She wanted to see if he was also laughing at her. She wouldn't know what to do if they both were.

Lawrence turned the moment Ivy looked at him. They were suddenly both looking at each other.

Ivy's first thought was that he was so handsome and he looked like a gentleman.

Lawrence noticed that she looked beautiful, despite her messy hair.

It was suddenly quiet in the elevator.

"What are you looking at? Stop staring." Lawrence said coldly and turned away.

Ivy immediately turned away and looked down at her feet. "I am really sorry. I'm a field assistant for the show on the eighteenth floor and it's about to start. I have to bring these clothes backstage as fast as I can. I did not notice that this is an exclusive elevator. I'm sorry about that, I was just in a rush."

Ivy sincerely apologized. Judging from their tone and their clothes, the man she was looking at and his companion must be big bosses. She did not want to irritate them. She chose to look down and move away from them as much as she could. She did not want to bother them with the clothes she's carrying. As long as they didn't cross her bottom line, she could bear anything.

"Oh, you work for Alice, then?" Mike asked, suddenly interested.

"Yes," Ivy nodded and decided to look at Mike. "Why? Do you know our boss?" she asked.

"Know her? Hah," Mike laughed and continued, "Of course we know.."

Lawrence looked at Mike, gave him a nudge and interrupted what he was about to

" Mike proudly replied. He was one of the most reliable when it came to things like this.

"Very well. Take him to the bar tomorrow. I'll be there and we can interrogate him," Lawrence turned and walked out the door without waiting for a response from Mike.

"Okay. No problem," Mike replied. Then, seeing Lawrence walk towards the door, he hurriedly asked, "Where are you going?"

"The bathroom."

Standing in front of the sink, Lawrence looked at himself in the mirror. Staring at himself, all he could think of was one person. Clenching his fists, he couldn't help but constantly think of his rage and hatred towards her.

"Yes, Rebecca. Don't worry too much, I will take good care of your Mom. Just focus on what you do and your work. Just don't tire yourself too much. Remember that your health is the most important thing to take care of," Ivy said, talking on the phone while walking in to the bathroom.

Lawrence, still standing in front of the sink, heard every word that Ivy said. His face slowly changed as he realized who she was talking to.

"Okay, okay. You too. Bye," Smiling, Ivy hung up the phone.

Just as Ivy was about to enter the bathroom, she saw someone standing in front of the sink. Looking up, she saw Lawrence looking at her. Their eyes met through the mirror and Ivy was stunned. This was the guy she met in the elevator. He looked so charming and handsome.

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