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   Chapter 808 The Charlady (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-19 09:25

Overhead lights flickered to life, casting the corners in shadows as Lawrence entered the room. Realizing that Bill and Lily had already gone to bed, he decided to go up directly to his room. Looking around the familiar place, he noted that the layout had not changed and nothing seemed out of place. But the textbooks were no longer where he left them and that his cartoon quilt had been replaced by a solid colored one.

Shrugging off his jacket, Lawrence sat at the foot of his bed. Deep in thought, he decided to call Mike, not realizing how late in the night it already was.

"Ring.. Ring.. Ring.." The sound of the phone ringing shrilled through the quiet night. "Hello? Lawrence?" Mike drowsily answered.

"Mike? Did I wake you?" Lawrence asked, sounding alert and awake despite the hour.

"Yes, Lawrence. I'm trying to catch up some sleep, heck I was already dozing even before I arrived home. Our long flight was exhausting. Partly because unlike you, I wasn't able to rest on the plane. I was rather busy getting to know a beautiful girl," Mike replied.

"Drop by my house early tomorrow morning. Let's go to the JC Group together," Lawrence curtly replied, directly going straight to the point. Hearing Mike sound so worn out, he didn't want to keep him up further.

"Oh! Uhm, Lawrence, why are we going to the JC Group?" Mike asked, sounding upset and surprised.

"Assuming office," Lawrence decidedly said.

"Huh? Now? So quickly?" Startled, Mike bolted up in surprise, "Didn't we agree to have a short holiday first before we start working there? Oh well, we came back earlier than expected anyway. But your father and the top executives of the JC group aren't aware that we're back, yet. So what's the rush? Why do we need to go there early?" Mike asked as

aying anything. Mike, on the other hand, kept on fidgeting. He kept on fixing his already perfect hair. He also couldn't stop pouring over whether he's appropriately dressed for the occasion or not.

Alice's show was on the eighteenth floor. Their elevator suddenly stopped at the twelfth floor.

The elevator door pinged open and Ivy Li entered, carrying several plastic bags overflowing with clothes.

Overloaded with clothes, the plastics Ivy were holding were in a total mess. She could not properly contain all that she's carrying, hence she accidentally bumped in to Lawrence and Mike.

"Oh sorry! Sorry," Ivy immediately apologized. She was very busy running errands, she had no time to fix herself. The rubber band she used to tie her hair up started to get very loose. She looked like a mess, she was sweaty and disheveled. She felt tired and looked drained.

Ivy did not look up at the people she shared the elevator with. She just noticed that they were both wearing suits.

"Isn't this the VIP-exclusive elevator? Is a charlady allowed to take this elevator? Why are you here?" Mike loudly asked her. He assumed she was a charlady cause she looked like such a mess.

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