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   Chapter 806 Controlling The Entertainment Business (Part One)

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"Dad, I'm going to make a reservation at a restaurant and invite Uncle Mond and Aunt Selina to join us for dinner. I was thinking of hosting a dinner to welcome Lawrence home tonight. What do you think?" Alice suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea. The three families haven't come together for a long time. We can have dinner tonight," replied Derek with a smile, his eyes still fixed on Lawrence.

Lawrence nodded and agreed with Alice too. He looked at her and said, "Well, it would be good if you choose a restaurant with the best ambiance. Tonight the bill is going to be on me."

"Lawrence, I don't think you'll get the chance to pay the bill tonight. You know, we're going to have dinner with the Executive Directors of the JS, ZM and H King Groups, so how can you get the chance to pay the bill?" joked Alice, who was actually going to pay the bill for the dinner.

"As the Executive Director of the JC Group, I'm telling you that I'll pay the bill tonight," Lawrence said seriously. 'How could this little girl standing in front of me become so vibrant? I didn't realize that she was so naughty when she and Violet grew up together, probably because Violet was much naughtier than her. But now, I realize that she is very troublesome," he thought.

"You're so arrogant," replied Alice helplessly. It seemed that all the people who had gathered here tonight were so rich that they all wanted to pay the bill. Unfortunately, she had to agree with Lawrence, as she could not go against his commands.

Derek knew from Lawrence's tone of speech that he meant to pay the bill tonight. He knew well about Lawrence's nature, so he decided against trying to convince him against doing so.

In the evening, the whole restaurant was reserved by Lawrence, but there was only one private room where all the gu

ond and said, "Let's keep the business matters aside. We'll talk about them later."

"Alright. I know that your Dad will be happy on your coming back, so are we. I believe the JC Group will now show great progress under your management," said Mond.

Everyone had a good mood during the dinner; they talked a lot about everything they had happened in the past. Lawrence was quite happy to be with them. He was missing his family too much and by coming here he felt as if he had got back everything.

After dinner, Derek and Amy left first, and Wilson and Selina drove away too. There were only Lawrence, Mond and Alice in the room.

When the room became silent, the smile on Lawrence's face disappeared. He wore a cold and depressed look on his face.

"Lawrence, there might be something else you want to tell us about since you have come back home so suddenly, right?" guessed Mond.

Alice had already guessed the reason why Lawrence had come back home. He came back to the city soon after Violet had left for Hong Kong, and she had come to know that Cassie had disappeared suddenly. Nobody knew where Cassie was, so she wondered whether the disappearance of Cassie had something to do with Lawrence.

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