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   Chapter 803 Lawrence Is Back (Part Two)

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Just as when she was about to check who it was, she saw a man walking towards her. He was a tall handsome man full of youthful spirit. He was wearing a pair of cool sunglasses. He looked so familiar that Elsa couldn't believe her eyes for a moment.

Lawrence stopped in front of her and took off his sunglasses.

"Grandma, I am back!" Lawrence excitedly exclaimed and gave his grandma his most pleasant smile.

Still looking surprised, Elsa scanned the young man in front of her. She noticed that his purplish eyes looked very much alike to Cherry's.

When she finally recognized him, Elsa couldn't help but scream out of excitement, "Oh, my! Lawrence, you're back?"

She immediately put down the watering can in her hand and looked at him intently, scanning him from head to toes. Then she held Lawrence's hands and emotionally said, "You are really my Lawrence." Then she added, "My good boy! You've grown up to such a strong and handsome man now."

Elsa never got bored to look at Lawrence and she couldn't hide the excitement on her face. He was taller than Wilson now plus he had a more handsome face. He was even cuter than young Jackson.

Lawrence stretched his arms and hugged Elsa tightly. He rested his head on her shoulder and said, "Grandma, we haven't seen each other for many years. I've grown up into a big man now. I am no longer that scamp you used to know."

"You are so right, my dear. Violet has also grown up into a big girl now as well as her brother," Elsa agreed. Elsa was actually lonely because Violet went away for a few days. But now that Lawrence was back, she felt very pleased. She wouldn't be lonely anymore because her beloved grandson had come back.

After a while, Lawrence held his Grandma's hands and led her into the house.

When they were seated on the sofa, he asked, "Where is Grandpa?"

"Oh, he went to his old friend's house to play chess. He felt so bored at home so he went out for a walk," Elsa vigorously answered.

Elsa seemed to have a lot of stories to tell Lawrence since they haven't seen each other

n a happy voice, "That's very good! Since you are back, it's only right that you take over the company so your father can take a rest. You know how busy he has been."

"That's exactly what my father thought," Lawrence continued to complain. "He is much relaxed now. He only needs to take care of the Hong Kong branch and some international businesses and I will be in charge of the rest. Grandma, do you think that your son-in-law wants to blight me, the flower of our motherland?"

"Oh, stop it! You are not the flower of our motherland. You are the gold and it's the time for you to glow," Elsa smiled at him. She felt like Lawrence was still the talkative and witted boy like he used to be.

"Oh, I'm so sad," Lawrence pretended to be helpless in front of his Grandma and grumbled, "I am still very young and I still want to enjoy life to the fullest. However, I will soon get into that dull office and check heaps of files, hold endless meetings, and meet with those managers I don't know just to talk about the business."

"You brat! How about I call your mother right now and tell her about your sentiments?" Elsa pretended to take her phone out to call Cherry.

"No, no, no. Don't bother her. You know that I am afraid of her, Grandma," Lawrence immediately stopped his grandmother.

"Hahaha! You brat!" Elsa helplessly shook her head and put her phone back.

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