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   Chapter 801 The Retribution (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7314

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Cassie stood in front of Hellen, her whole body shivering.Finally her legs gave up and she collapsed right onto the floor. She grasped the coffee table before her for desperate measure and looked at Hellen. "Who are you? I need to know! Why did you come to my room? I will call the front desk if you don't leave now," she warned, looking up at the scary figure before her.

Hellen sneered, "Oh really! Okay, go ahead. Or should I tell you which number to dial?" Hellen very well knew that Cassie's phone was in her bag and now that her bag was on the floor, she couldn't reach her phone.

Cassie was rattled. She hadn't expected her to answer like this. Shivering with fear, Cassie turned up to look at Hellen.

Hellen casually butted her cigarette and threw it in the ashtray. Then slowly, she took out a pill from her pocket.

Cassie was overcome by a sense of fear, like she was in extreme danger, as Hellen kept playing with the white pill.

"I have heard that you fear nothing and that you are on good terms with the media in this city, is that true?" Hellen drawled. Not just Cassie, but this time, even the four men knew what Hellen meant by that.

"What do you want?" Cassie asked, clenching her teeth. She received no response from her captor so she went ahead and said, "If you dare to lay a finger on me, I won't spare you. You'll be as good as dead."

Cassie's warning infuriated Hellen.

Hellen leaned forward, like a tigress eyeing her kill. She grasped Cassie by her chin, in a grip so strong, that Cassie could barely move her head. Hellen put another hand on her throat, as if massaging it with her thumb and her index finger. Cassie's mouth popped open owing to the pressure Hellen had put on her face. Wasting no time, Hellen put the pill in Cassie's mouth, vigorously massaging her throat, until she had swallowed the white pill.

Before Cassie knew it, the deed was done. Hellen let go of her.

Cassie grabbed at her neck, as if trying to stop the pill from going down her throat, but it was too late. She choked and coughed, trying to get it out.

"What did you make me eat?" Cassie asked, terrified.

"Oh shut up," said Hellen, who was visibly i

step backwards. "R.. Right hand," she answered obediently, raising her right hand.

Later, two shot rang out.

Cassie looked at her right hand in disbelief before she collapsed on the ground, writhing in pain.

Hellen drew closer and studied the pale Cassie on the ground. "The last person in the world you should have laid hands on is Violet," she said coldly, laying eyes on the injured woman's bleeding hand.

Regardless of her ached hand, Cassie grabbed the corner of Hellen's gusted coat. "It's all my fault. I confess. Please forgive me, please," she pleaded with a pitiful look.

Seeing that Cassie begged for mercy, Hellen's lips curving into a contemptuous sneer. In her life, she never spared anyone.

"That's not gonna happen," Hellen responded. She got up and shook off Cassie's hand. While walking towards the entrance, she turned to look at the three with guns. "I don't want to see her in China," she said indifferently.

"Okay," they replied.

Hellen then climbed into the van, like a boss. When she looked out the car window, she saw a helicopter in the air.

As the car drove away into the sunset, Hellen took out her phone and made a call.

The phone was ringing. When someone finally answered, Hellen's tone softened. "Boss, the work is done," she reported.

"I see," the man responded briefly.

"When will you come back, boss?" Hellen asked gingerly.

"Tomorrow," he curtly answered and ended the call.

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