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   Chapter 800 The Retribution (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6713

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They walked out of the apartment looking blank. A third person could never make out what they were even thinking. Tim went and got his car stopping it right before Alice. She quietly got in and they drove straight to his hotel.

Inside the hotel, they walked straight upto Tim's room. He opened the door for Alice to enter and walked in after her. Sombrely, as if on cue, Alice walked to the bed and sat on it. Tim turned around and saw his girlfriend, sitting on his bed, staring at the wall wistfully.

Tim slowly sat next to her and held her in his arms tenderly. "What's the matter, baby? What are you thinking about?"

"Greg and Violet," Alice said without looking up at him. "Who else would I be thinking of now?" she said and scowled, as she leaned onto Tim's strong shoulders.

Tim paused for a moment and held her closer. "You know, I can see that Greg loves Violet. He doesn't even like Cassie so much," he finally said, putting words to his thoughts.

Alice looked up at Tim this time and said, "Really... but... don't you think Cassie is the one who is always badgering him? She went all the way down the dark and vicious road! She hurt Violet and... she even went ahead and killed Violet's child! That poor innocent baby!" Alice could say no more.

She was transported back to Violet. The very thought of her best friend's accident made her feel awful.

Tim realised the pain that Alice was feeling and tenderly took her hand in his. He looked into her beautiful, sad eyes and said, "Yeah, I guess Cassie is the problem then."

Tim looked genuinely worried now. He frowned, his eyebrows close-knit and his eyes concerned. "It is going to be very difficult to make Cassie leave Greg alone. She is a ruthless woman and can go to any lengths."

Tim was a confident young man, but even he had no idea when it came to dealing with Cassie. What they had here, was a classic sociopath. Someone who had killed Violet's unborn child and framed an innocent person like Tina. She had even exp

ood behind her. All of them wore black uniforms. They stood a meter away from where Cassie was, looking intimidated.

She couldn't think or blink and stood frozen in fear. 'What is going on? I've been here a long time but I have never encountered this situation before, ' she thought.

Cassie was now trembling violently. but she had to muster some courage. "Who are you?" she asked with a shaky voice. Cassie looked directly into Hellen's eyes and she stared back at her, eyes solid and dark. Suddenly, her fear multiplied. 'She looks so brazen like she were a serial killer'.

"Cassie Zheng," Hellen cooed in an ice-cold voice. To Hellen, Cassie looked even prettier in real life than she looked in the picture that Lawrence had showed her.

"Who are you?" Cassie asked with a shiver in her voice. She had no way out and she didn't even know what to do next. She had bolted the door behind her. So if she tried to escape, she would be wasting precious time to unlock it. The men in black would surely catch her then. She was desperate to flee the room anyhow, but there wasn't a way!

Hellen coolly replied, "It doesn't matter, does it? Who I am is of now business to you." She gestured the men, who immediately sprung to action. Two of them held Cassie by the arms and dragged her to Hellen, while the other two flanked them.

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