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   Chapter 799 Drown His Sorrows In Alcohol (Part Two)

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Feeling the burning sensation on her face, anger immediately replaced Cassie's fear. She lifted her hand, trying to hit back at Alice.

But before she could even get close, Tim stopped her. He stepped in her way and cast her a fierce eye. "I dare you to touch her!" he glowered.

The burning rage in his eyes sent shivers down Cassie's spine. Who would be foolish enough to take on such a giant of a man, built like a linebacker?

Humiliated by his manner, she meekly let Tim push her hand away.

Without a word, Alice simply sidestepped Cassie and walked straight to the living room.

On seeing how disheveled Greg was, sleeping on the couch as if he was a stranger in his own house, Alice couldn't help but wonder what he and Cassie had been up to.

A hot, flaming fury started to burn deep in her heart. Angrily, she picked up the cup of water on the table and drenched Greg's face with it.

Tim was also annoyed. When he found Greg unconscious, he furiously pulled his collar and gave him a heavy punch on the face.

"Greg, if you dare to betray Violet, I will be there to deal with you. You can rest assured I won't let you go unpunished!" Tim roared.

The straight blow to the face shook Greg awake. Slowly he opened his eyes, feeling very weak and nursing a terrible headache in addition to the pain of Tim's heavy punch. When he saw Tim, in a low voice, he called, "Tim!"

A wave of fierce anger rolled up in Cassie when she saw Tim hit Greg. She could pass over the slap on her cheek by Alice. But Tim's punching Greg like that, right in front of her? That was unacceptable. She couldn't take it lying down.

She hastily walked over and pulled Tim's hand from Greg as she screamed, "Let go of him!"

Tim was perplexed at Cassie's action. 'What the hell's going on? Why is this woman poking her face into their family matters?' Tim couldn't understand why.

Leaning over, Cassie shielded Greg with her body, sur

ce immediately explained, "But Violet said that Francis went to Hong Kong for work. Violet lives with her parents in their Hong Kong home. So everything is okay for her."

That somehow allayed some of Greg's fears about Violet. As long as she was happy and everything was fine with her, he would be happy. But he hated the distance between him and Violet now.

"Did she tell you when she will be back?" Tim asked Alice.

"No!" Alice shook her head.

Perhaps she would be back in a few days, perhaps longer...

Seeing the confused and depressed Greg, Alice walked to his side to comfort him. "Greg, you must trust Violet's love to you. She's only gone out of the country, back to her parents for a short time. Which is much needed, especially after the things she has been through. But I am sure she will be back soon. We all know how much you mean to her. Please give her some time, okay?" Alice consoled.

Tim also echoed, "Alice is right! Greg, you have to believe that Violet will be back! Pull yourself together like a man and cheer up, okay? What you need now is the patience and hope to wait. You can't go on like this, thinking you can drain your loneliness in alcohol and forget about her. Also, I am sure she'd want to see a different you when she comes back, am I right?"

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