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   Chapter 796 Going Away Forever (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-17 00:06

At night, Violet and Uncle Wilson's family had dinner together. After that, they were sitting in the living room watching TV together.

Elsa brought in some fruit and placed it on the table. Noticing that Violet was distracted, she took a seat beside her granddaughter. "Have some fruit, Violet," she said to her in an amiable tone, trying to offer her an apple.

"Thank you, Grandma! But, I will eat this later," Violet replied with a heavy heart before taking the apple and putting it back on to the plate.

Selina and Wilson had their eyes fixed on Violet. Carefully, Wilson asked, "Greg came here today, didn't he?"

"Yes," Elsa replied before Violet could. Since Violet was discharged from the hospital, she remained silent whenever anyone mentioned Greg.

"Violet, I think you should make peace with Greg. He comes here every day to ask for your forgiveness. I believe that he loves you faithfully. Why don't you have a talk with him and solve all your problems?" Jacob suggested, turning towards Violet.

Violet drooped her head and she decided against replying.

"Violet, your Grandpa has a point," Wilson followed, "I know that you love Greg. So many days have passed, and you should now give him a chance to explain. You guys can sort everything out once you talk to each other."

After hearing what Jacob and Wilson had said, Elsa decided not to say anything. She didn't want to put Violet under any pressure seeing that granddaughter was still recovering.

Selina remained quiet during the entire conversation.

Violet looked up at Selina and asked her, "Do you trust me, Auntie?"

"Of course I do," Selina nod

olet said to her grandparents, as she took Jacob's hand with the other hand. She felt a little sad at the thought that she was leaving tomorrow.

It was a long, sad night. Violet talked with her family members until late. She didn't return to her room until 11:00 pm.

Violet sat on the edge of the bed, drowned in her thoughts. 'Once I go to Hong Kong, I can not only reunite with Dad and Mom but change myself and start a new life there. In this way, I can forget all the sad things that have happened.'

The only one Violet hated to leave the most was Greg. She and Greg had sworn not to leave each other. Besides she had promised to stay with him and her husband had vowed to protect her forever. However, she was going to leave this city tomorrow. All of their pledge of eternal love would vanish as soon as she went away from here.

Violet pulled out her cell phone and called Francis.

"Hello, Violet," Francis answered softly from the other line.

"Are you sleeping?" Violet asked.

"No, I was just going through some files," answered Francis who was sitting in the study.

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