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   Chapter 794 Don't Touch Her Again (Part One)

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Wilson's whole family looked after Violet and nursed her back to health. After a week, Violet started feeling better and her strength gradually returned. Still, no one in the family dared and could even mention anything about her kid.

In the kitchen, Elsa poured a glass of milk for her granddaughter. Walking back, she saw Violet at the balcony. The poor girl was sitting alone and staring blankly ahead. Elsa knew her granddaughter was still thinking about the baby she lost. She felt bad for her knowing how much Violet was longing for her baby.

Elsa approached her granddaughter quietly, not wanting to disturb and startle her.

Despite looking deep in thought, Violet still noticed someone approaching her.

She turned around and saw her Grandma looking at her, holding a glass of milk. Her expression softened and she smiled, "Grandma."

Looking and feeling deeply concerned, Elsa approached her and offered the glass of milk. "Violet, drink this. Your body needs milk, it'll be good for you."

Violet accepted the glass and drank the milk. She faced her grandma and said, "Grandma, I appreciate the concern, but you don't need to prepare milk for me everyday. I am feeling better and I have already recovered. I eat on time and the meals prepared for me are enough to keep me strong."

Elsa shook her head. "I understand that, but your aunt and uncle instructed me to give you a glass of milk everyday. They're just taking care of you. We all want to take care of you and make sure you're okay."

Violet took her grandma's hand and held it in hers as she said, "Grandma, aunt and uncle are overly worried and protective of me and I am grateful for them. But I'm fine now, I have recovered and my health has returned."

Elsa smiled at her granddaughter. "Violet, even if you're alright and healthy, we will still worry about you. We will still take care of you. We just want you safe, happy, and strong," she said as she stroked Violet's hair.

Suddenly, the door bell rang and both Elsa and Viole

ar at me, just please don't leave me. You know I can't do this without you." These past few days, Greg had started feeling depressed. He was alone at home, Violet never came back home with him. Home felt cold without her and her laughter. He couldn't sleep and he wasn't in the mood for work.

At this point, Violet couldn't hold back her tears, as she thought to herself, 'Kid - I haven't heard that word for a long time now. I've only been hearing that word in my dreams. Every night, I keep dreaming of a kid calling me mommy. My baby. He keeps holding my hand and I keep him close to my heart. This will only be in my dreams now.'

After a while, Violet opted to finally open her mouth and talk to Greg, "The moment you lose something, it's forever gone. There's no going back, you can never get it or take it back. You'll forever be left with nothing but a scar. And the pain that came with it cannot be taken away as easily as you want to."

It hurt Greg to hear those words from his wife, but he still did not let go. He couldn't just let her go that easily. He held her as tight as he could, thinking he wouldn't be able to do so again if he let her go now.

Violet continued, her voice breaking, "Greg, I think it's best if we take a break for a while. Let ourselves heal and calm down for several days, or for how long it takes."

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