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   Chapter 793 Getting Discharged From The Hospital (Part Two)

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His words made everyone present silent. Selina was very irritated now. She really wanted to help Violet take revenge on Cassie. But there were so many factors to be considered and she was afraid that by doing so Violet may have to suffer even more.

"Find that woman first! If she is nowhere to be found out, we will discuss and find out another way," suggested Mond. At present they could do nothing but go about taking one step at a time.

Derek thought about this for a long time and then said, "I am afraid that we will have to tell Jackson if we really can't find Cassie."

"But... Violet..." Wilson didn't continue. He was worried about what Violet would feel if they told Jackson about the entire matter.

"Let's see how it goes. I really don't want to see Violet suffer anymore and handle all the pain herself! I agree with my brother. If we really couldn't find out that woman, we will have to tell Jackson. He certainly will send the staff of JC Group to find out Cassie even if she hid inside the earth!" Selina said angrily. It was difficult for?her?to?keep her?temper in control now and she clenched her teeth in angst.

Two days later, Violet was discharged from the hospital and everyone went to the hospital to bring her back.

Greg was also there. But when he tried to offer support to Violet, he was refused. Violet only wanted to be close to Alice and she asked everyone to stay away from her.

"Violet, shall we go home or?" asked Derek. He was not sure whether Violet still wanted to go back to Greg's and her home since it seemed that she was still mad at him.

Before Violet could answer, Selina directly said, "Violet, you come home with me and don't go back to that house again."

Selina's words sounded clearly in everyone's ea

lot in such a young age.

"I will," Violet replied with a nod as she put her head on Elsa's shoulder.

"Father, mother, I will cook the lunch for you. You two talk to Violet," said Selina.

"I will help you," echoed Alice. She then walked towards Violet, caressed her hair and said, "Violet, we are home now and you should be happy, okay? I will help Selina cook the lunch for all of us."

"Okay," Violet gave her a faint smile. She really felt much better now. So many people cared about her, loved her and were supporting her, she felt very contented and warm.

"Alice is really lovely!" Jacob praised Alice, smiling as he sat beside Violet.

"She really is! She is my best friend in the world!" Violet adored Alice and she had no qualms in saying that in front of everybody. For her, Alice was the greatest!

"It's so good to see you girls sharing everything while growing up and now becoming so close to each other!" said Elsa. She had seen these two little girls grow up more like sisters than twins.

"Grandma, do you know? Alice and I share two fathers and two mothers."

"That's so true. Your father and Uncle Derek are as close as real brothers!"

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