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   Chapter 792 Getting Discharged From The Hospital (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-16 00:16

In the early morning, Greg went to the hospital to visit Violet. But Alice had already reached there and was looking after Violet in his absence.

With his head lowered, Greg went into the ward, silently.

When Alice saw him, she gave him a big smile and greeted him, "You are here, Greg! That's so early for you!"

"Yes," replied Greg as he nodded. As of now his only concern was Violet. He walked towards the bedside, grabbed her hands and called her name softly, "Violet."

Violet took no notice of him being there, and turned her head aside and kept looking outside the window.

"Just go away. I don't want to see you right now!" Violet was still feeling upset because of the loss of her unborn baby! This pain was hurting her badly and she could not forgive Greg and herself for being so careless about the baby.

"I am sorry, Violet. It's all my fault for not taking good care of you!" Greg confessed and held her hands tightly, not wanting to leave.

This made Violet more agitated and she pulled away her hand from Greg's and staring at him, angrily said, "Don't talk nonsense! Can your apology bring back the baby I have lost?"

"Violet, I am really sorry, sorry..." Greg apologized sincerely and tried to hold her hands again, but she pulled her hands away.

"Greg, just go! Go away from here! I really don't want to see you. Whenever I see you, it would remind me of my unborn baby." Violet shouted loudly in anger. Whenever she would see Greg, she would think of Cassie and would remember how she hurt her and how she lost her baby in the end. She was so sad that she couldn't stop her tears from gushing out.

Seeing Violet in such an agitated mood, Alice immediately walked over, hugged her and comforted her, "It's okay, V

She knew well about Jackson's nature and if he got to know, he wouldn't leave Cassie alive.

"Violet asked us not to tell her father and mother," Derek suddenly said. "Alice also told me so last night. Just because of this, I can't go around sending people to look for Cassie. If the staff of JC Group knew it, they would have certainly told Jackson."

"Violet is too considerate and she always chooses to keep her pain to herself without even telling her family," said Mond.

Derek and Wilson didn't say a word which meant that they agreed about this nature flaw of Violet!

"Derek, If we still can't find Cassie, don't you think we should ask the Yu family for help? After all, they are spread all over the city," Selina asked for Derek's opinion.

"No," Derek declined immediately. "Mike is the son of Yu family and he is also the schoolmate of Lawrence. If they knew that something has happened to Violet, then Lawrence would certainly get to know it. Do you remember Cassie's scandal which happened last time? I guess the person behind it must be Lawrence. We all know what kind of a person Lawrence is and he could go to any extent for his sister."

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