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   Chapter 789 Thank You For Saving Me (Part Two)

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"Where are they?" Francis asked sternly, looking worried. 'I must go and find Violet. I am afraid that Cassie might hurt her, ' he thought, feeling restless.

"They, they are in the No.6," the manager stammered, terrified by Francis' stern tone.

Quickly, Francis ran towards the stairway.

When he got to the second floor, he searched for the room anxiously. He didn't find the No.6 until he came to a corner. Impatiently, he pushed the door open.

Standing still at the door, Francis was horrified by what he saw. Lying motionlessly on the floor was Violet, obviously unconscious. With one hand lying limp stomach, she looked deathly pale.

On the spur of a moment, he dashed into the room and scooped her into his arms. "Violet, wake up. Violet, ' he shouted with a disturbed look.

And in the meanwhile, the hall manager and a waitress stood outside the room. They were horrified at the unconscious Violet in Francis' arms. Something had gone terribly wrong.

The manager was overcome with fear. 'What's going on? When I saw her, she was a beautiful, dynamic woman. What happened to her? How did she black out and turn so gaunt in such a short time?' he mulled.

"Violet! Violet!" Francis cried loudly, not knowing what to do.

"Blood! Blood!" the waitress screamed, her eyes popping out with shock when she noticed blood on the floor.

Hearing the waitress's scream, Francis was astonished. When he looked down at the floor and saw the blood stains, he was gutted.

Recovering from his shock, the manager called out to the waitress, "Go and call the ambulance. Hurry up!"

Reminded by the manager's words, Francis realized he needed to get Violet to the hospital as fast as possible. It was the best thing h

something to do with Violet's injuries.'

"Shouldn't you give us an explanation, Francis?" Alice growled, her eyes grimly sizing up Francis. Whoever had hurt Violet would pay a heavy price, Alice swore.

"I don't know what happened. When I arrived at the restaurant, I learned that Cassie and Violet had been there and had checked into the same room. Cassie lied to the hotel management that Violet was her friend. I was afraid that Cassie might do something to Violet. So I quickly asked to be led to the room. As I entered the room, I found Violet unconscious and Cassie was gone," Francis replied.

Wilson and Selina made their way to the operating room.

Even though he had sensed anger written on their faces, Greg still stepped forward and greeted, "Hello, Uncle, Aunt."

"Greg, I thought you and Violet were getting on well. Why would Violet..." Wilson began. When he had heard of Violet's injury, he was shell-shocked. He and Selina kept Violet's grandparents in the dark and came here. On their way to the hospital, he had tried to figure out why Violet would have an accident in a restaurant. But he couldn't get a reasonable answer.

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