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   Chapter 788 Thank You For Saving Me (Part One)

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"Both? That's not an option," Cassie responded gruffly.

Facing Cassie's hideous expression, Violet didn't feel scared. Instead, she thought there was no need to waste time arguing with Cassie there.

"I came here to meet Francis, not you. But since he isn't here, I have to go," Violet blurted as she struggled to shove Cassie back and take leave.

Cassie grasped Violet's arms and yelled at her fiercely, "Do you think I'll let you leave?"

"Let me go," Violet screamed trying to break out of the furious woman's arms.

But instead of letting go, Cassie tightened her grip with one arm and pulled Violet's hair with another hand.

"Let me go, Cassie. Get your hands off me," Violet screeched while struggling to break free.

"Let you go? And why don't you let Greg go? Greg is mine. Give him back to me," Cassie howled.

Suddenly Cassie noticed the sharp corner of the table on which stood a blue glass flower vase. An evil thought occurred to her mind. 'Will Violet lose her baby if she bumps into the edge in the belly?' she wondered.

The malevolence in Cassie's expression grew even more ferocious as she pushed Violet into the table.

With a painful screech, Violet rammed into the wall and collapsed onto her knees. As she leaned against the wall, her right hand on her belly, pain rushed through her body like someone had ignited a raging fire on her inside.

Judging by the anguished look on Violet's face, Cassie knew that her plan worked. However, she didn't let Violet go easily. Drawing nearer, she pulled the pale-faced woman's hand and gave her a hard push. At last, Violet ran into the corner of the table again.

At that moment, Violet lost all of her strength. Overwhelmed b

iend- Miss Violet," the manager answered. He remembered Cassie told him Violet Chu was the friend she'd be staying with.

Standing still behind the manager, Francis immediately froze.

The cashier was curious when she noticed that Francis was behind her manager. 'He is a guest, but why is he standing here? Is he going to pay the bill?' she wondered.

"Hello, sir, may I help you?" she asked courteously.

Upon hearing what the cashier had said, the manager realized that a guest was standing behind him. He turned around and smiled at Francis politely.

A look of shock was written on Francis's face. With his eyes glued on the manager, he asked, "Has Cassie Zheng been here?"

"Yes," the manager said, nodding. 'Does he know Miss Cassie?' he wondered.

"Is Violet Chu here?" Francis asked with knitted brows. Instinctively, Francis concluded that something bad must have happened between them even though he hated to believe. Now he wished Violet wasn't here. But he thought the manager didn't lie to him.

"Yes, she is here. She is Cassie's friend," the manager replied, wondering why the man was raising these questions.

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