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   Chapter 786 It's Not Him (Part One)

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Out of curiosity, Cassie rose from her seat and walked towards the desk. She picked up Francis' phone and read the message.

Her face grew red with anger when she found that it was from Violet.

It read, "I'll be there by 7:00 pm. See you later."

Staring at the phone screen, Cassie started thinking, '7:00 pm? Where are they meeting? What are they going to do?'

The more she surmised, the more curious she got. She decided to figure out what was going on.

Cassie held her cousin's phone and texted back.

She typed, 'Don't go to the wrong place. Text me the address and I'll see if you have the right place.'

Cassie impatiently waited for Violet's reply. Once she knew where Violet and Francis were going to meet, she could think of a plan to handle the pregnant Violet. She couldn't allow Violet to give birth to Greg's child. Once Violet had a miscarriage, she assumed that she could find a way to split them apart.

Soon the cell phone's vibrations resounded again.

Cassie browsed through the message with a malicious smile.

It read, "The Cantonese restaurant in the South District. I'll be there."

Cassie continued to text, "Correct. How about we meet half an hour earlier? I'll be there by 6:30 pm. See you there."

Cassie got Violet's okay soon after sending the message. Everything was going according to her plans. To prevent Francis from destroying her meeting, she deleted all the messages except the first one.

After placing her cousin's phone back on the desk, Cassie turned around and left the office.

At 6:00 pm, Violet put on her coat. She came down the stairs

ant to go in. But she couldn't swiftly turn around and leave since she had closed the door already.

Cassie looked down at her wristwatch, and then rested her eyes on Violet. "6:28 pm. What a punctual girl you are!" she said scornfully.

"Where is Francis?" Violet asked with furrowed brows. Her mind raced, 'I came here to have dinner with Francis. He had called me in person and had invited me to dine with him. Why is Cassie here?'

"Are you disappointed that my cousin isn't here? Do you miss him that much?" Cassie asked with a sneer. She walked forward and stopped in front of Violet. "Does Greg know that you are here to meet Francis?" she asked with a smirk.

Bombarded with multiple questions at once, Violet didn't know what to say. Besides, she had no intention of talking to Cassie. She just wanted to figure out what was going on.

The two stood there, silently facing each other. Violet's indifferent attitude and her silence irritated Cassie. She fixed her eyes on the woman's belly, brooding. 'She is carrying Greg's child. I can't believe this.'

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