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   Chapter 783 Destined To Be Together (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5871

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Alice reached out her arm, got a bathrobe and quickly put it on. She then got out of the bed and walked in the bathroom without wearing any shoes.

Tim didn't turn around until he heard that the bathroom door was closed. And he found Alice had gone to the bathroom. He felt that Alice was like a wind, and no one could control her.

Tim didn't want to give up. He took the other bathrobe, wore it, left the bed and went to the bathroom.

Alice's voice could be heard from the bathroom, "Why have you come in? Get out!"

Tim said, "I want to help you clean."

Alice angrily said, "I don't need your help. Just leave me alone."

Tim said, "This is my room and I don't want to go out right now."

Alice was mad and cursed, "Tim, you are a bastard."

Tim just replied, "Do you want me to be a jerk also now?"

One hour later, Alice walked out of the bathroom, got dressed and she planned to leave the hotel quickly.

At that time, Tim came out of the bathroom while he dried his hair. He was only wearing a towel.

Tim grinned, "What? Why are you leaving so early?"

Alice angrily replied, "Do you want me to live here for the rest of my life?" She thought to herself, 'Within just a few hours, I have made love to Tim and now he is pestering me to stay. What is the relationship that we have between us? Am I his girlfriend?'

Tim replied, "Yes. The bed is large enough for us to sleep on." He wanted Alice to saty here with him. If so, he could be with her and cherish her.

Alice said, "You'd better live here all by yourself. I don't like this room." For some reason, she wasn't mad at Tim for whatever happened between them last night. But she was angry with the thought that other women must have also shared his bed with him.


, Mother."

Amy said angrily, "Alice, where have you been last night? Why didn't you come back home? We were waiting for you." Her tone was harsh because she was worried about Alice. Alice was a girl, she didn't come back home last night and hadn't even called her parents to explain. Such behavior certainly made Amy angry and worried.

Alice happily explained, "Mother, I had dinner with a friend last night. After dinner, it was quite late and I thought you and my Father might have slept, so I didn't call you. I'm calling you now and I want to say that I'm fine. Tonight I'll come home early."

After her explanation, Amy became calm and she felt that her daughter always made her feel helpless.

So she simply said, "Okay, do come home early. I'll make dinner for you. Don't work too late today." Amy felt bad when she saw that her daughter so busy with designing work that she even missed having her dinner.

Alice replied, "I know. Mother, I've been too busy these days. I also want to go to bed early and today I'll come home on time. Don't worry about me."

Amy said, "Okay, you go on with your work now."

Alice replied, "Okay, Mother, goodbye."

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