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   Chapter 781 Destined To Be Together (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6117

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After work, Greg came home early in the afternoon and started to prepare dinner, because he wanted to make a wonderful dinner for Violet.

Violet was at her parents' house until seven o'clock and then she asked Bill to send her home.

The moment she reached home and took off her shoes, she could smell something tasty cooking. Without any need to guess, Violet knew that it must be Greg who was making dinner.

Greg, in an apron, walked over to Violet and welcomed her back, "You're home."

Violet replied, "Yes, when did you come back?"

Greg gently answered, "I came home straight after work." If they could forget all the past issues that happened between them, Greg felt that Violet and he certainly made a great couple. He continued, "Just wash your hands and let us have dinner now."

Violet replied, "Okay, I will be back."

The two sat in the dining room. Violet looked at all the food on the table, but she was not feeling hungry at all. Actually, after seeing such heavy and oily food she felt as if she would vomit everything out.

Greg noticed that Violet was not picking up the knife and fork, so he thought that maybe she didn't want to eat at all. He asked, "What's wrong? Don't you like the food?"

Violet replied, "Yes, I do." She didn't want Greg to know that she was feeling uncomfortable, so she tried hard not to vomit.

Violet took a little food but before she could even put the food back on her plate, she felt so uncomfortable that she put down the fork, and ran to the bathroom.

Greg shouted behind her, "Violet."

Violet felt better after she threw up in the toilet. She stood in front of the sink, gargled and when she had calmed down, she came out of the bathroom.

Violet was going back to the dining room, but she got scared on seeing Greg who was standing right in front of t

ibitions and it's my duty to invite you to dinner. I believe that our exhibitions which are going to held in a week must be the best in the city, in terms of both the way they are executed and the employees' clothes design."

Alice just smiled and replied nothing.

Tim was standing not far away. He watched Alice go to his hotel restaurant with a middle-aged man. Following them were several people in suits. Tim thought that those men were probably employees of the middle-aged guy.

Tim turned around, looked towards his assistant and said, "Pay attention to Ms. Alice and report to me if anything goes wrong."

The assistant replied, "Yes, Mr. Tim." Then she turned around and left.

Tim continued with his inspection work.

After about an hour, Tim went out of the elevator feeling quite tired and he wanted to retire to his room to sleep. His phone rang suddenly. He took out the phone and saw it was a call from his assistant. Tim knew immediately that something must have happened to Alice because it was too late for the assistant to tell him about any other emergency. This fact made Tim sure that something was wrong with Alice.

Tim answered the phone and ordered, "Tell me what has happened."

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