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   Chapter 780 The Accidental Pregnancy (Part Three)

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"Well, we are both doing fine. Violet, come home with Greg whenever you have time. I will make dinner for you," Lily said. Now only Violet was in the city. Sir and Madam had been in Hong Kong and young master was also abroad. So the only person that she could look forward to coming home to visit often was Miss Violet.

Violet thought for a while and said to the phone, "Auntie, I am free today. How about I come home now? But Greg may not come along with me since he is busy working at the moment."

"Great, I am so happy that you are coming. I am going to prepare lunch for you," said Lily.

"Aunt Lily," Violet immediately cried, "Don't prepare a heavy meal. Let's eat something light since only three of us will be present. Please cook something light without meat, and try to use less oil when cooking. Recently I have eaten a lot of fried things and I just want to avoid them now."

Violet didn't want to forget that she was pregnant now. So she had to pay attention to her diet.

"Okay, I'll do as you say. Bill and I are okay with anything," said Lily with a smile.

"Okay, then I'll hang up now. See you later," Violet felt happy at the thought that she was going to her home.


Violet reached the Chu villa in some time. Seeing Bill washing the car in the yard, Violet greeted him, "Hi, Uncle Bill, I am back."

"Violet," Bill stopped his work and went to Violet when he saw her, saying, "Lily said that you wouldn't come back before noon. It seems that you were homesick and wanted to come here, early. Isn't it?"

"Yeah, I haven't seen you and Auntie for a long time, I miss both of you very much," Violet said. After getting to know that she was pregnant, she was

"Okay, Mom, I just miss you so much and wanted to talk with you," said Violet.

"Violet, I miss you, too."

They chatted happily for a long time.

Violet stood in the balcony after her lunch. Staring at the blue sky, she finally dialed Greg's number.

The phone was picked up after a long while. Greg's voice was calm over the phone, "Yes, Violet."

"Did I disturb your work?" Violet knew that Greg was working. She was not sure if in the morning Greg had gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to wait for her or not.

"No," Greg answered simply as he didn't know what else to say in this situation.

"Greg, come home tonight. I have something to tell you. Since things had already happened, she couldn't escape the situation now. She had to face and deal with them.

"Okay," said Greg. Actually, he had a lot to tell Violet, too. He wanted to apologize. He had been too impulsive yesterday. He wouldn't divorce Violet and also wouldn't let her leave him.

"Then see you at night," Violet didn't know what else to say besides this.

"Okay, see you at night," Greg didn't have anything to say at this moment, either.

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