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   Chapter 778 The Accidental Pregnancy (Part One)

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Settling himself onto the comfortable sofa, Francis turned off the TV. Reflecting on all the things that had happened to the GR Group made it obvious as to who was responsible for everything. He already knew who did it. It could be no one else apart from Cassie. And then there was Tina's situation to think about.

It worried him to think about Tina. Though he'd never met her, he was concerned about how a girl of her status would bear such torture. Cassie had actually done something miserable to Tina. She had in fact been very cruel and harsh with Tina. Francis felt that Cassie was not an easy going person as she appeared to be. Her heart was slowly forgetting the difference between right and wrong and she was crossing all limits to get what she wanted.

Letting out a deep breath, Francis closed his eyes and leaned his head against the sofa. 'Since Cassie has handled Tina, her next goal has to be Violet. I can't let Violet suffer at her hands, no. I must protect her and never allow Cassie the chance to harm her in any manner.'

Greg reached his office early that day. He sat and gazed at the photo on his desk, which he had taken during his honeymoon with Violet. He was so happy when he saw her smiling like that.

It saddened him because it was time to meet her and discuss the divorce. Last night, he had thought about it for a very long time. He had calmed down, trying to think about the fight they had. If she gave him a second chance, he would definitely give Violet an opportunity to explain. He wanted to listen to her, even if she said that she liked Francis and wanted to be with him. He

e to another hospital."

"Okay," the driver said and then asked, "But isn't this hospital good enough? Why do you want to go to another hospital? This is the best hospital in the city."

"Please tell me after we have reached the hospital," Violet did not want to talk to the driver as she did not want to pay attention to other things except her health. She only wanted to get a checkup and then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. She didn't want to divorce Greg, but she wanted to ask Greg if he wanted a divorce or not. If he didn't want to, she wouldn't either.

Seeing that Violet was in a bad mood, the driver didn't dare to say much. He drove to another hospital in silence.

Violet paid the driver and got off the car after they got to a medium-sized hospital.

Cassie saw Violet as soon as she entered the hospital.

Seeing Violet from behind, Cassie wondered why she had come here.

Cassie was a little upset. She had come here to give a report of the XS Hospital to the vice president of this hospital. She least expected that she would meet Violet here.

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