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   Chapter 774 A Call From Stephen (Part Three)

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Intent on adding salt to injury, Cassie continued to speak ill of Violet, "My cousin is hot, you know, Greg. During his time abroad, he had more than his fare share of women, which I can tell you for a fact. Wherever he goes, women can't just stop drooling over him. How many women do you think would resist such a handsome young man, loaded with tons of money. And now he is back in town, single and ready to mingle. It is only unfair on you that your very own Violet finds him irresistible too. Maybe, she's fallen for his hot looks, while you think money will keep her for you. Look at this picture, how happy she was. They were smiling like teenagers in love!"

Although Greg's mind was in a tangle, he clearly heard Cassie's words. Increasingly, he believed in her words.

When Cassie noticed that Greg was silent, she added, "Greg, I swear. What I've told you is nothing but the whole truth. But if you still don't believe me, you can find out for yourself from the waiters at the restaurant. I can give you the address."

Before Cassie ended her words, Greg left in a hurry.

Seeing that Greg stalked out in a huff, Cassie couldn't feel happier.

"Violet, it's over for you," said Cassie in high spirits.

Hosting Francis and Violet in his office, Roger was happy with how productive their business talk had turned.

"Thank you so much, Violet, for inviting Mr. Francis here for me," said a greatly impressed Roger.

"It is my pleasure, Mr. Roger," said Violet humbly. She only wanted to help Roger, asking for nothing in return. She helped him to repay his kindness. The happiness in her life right now was partly thanks to Greg being there for her. But it wasn't lost on her that at one point, Roger had got her back. Forever, she felt indebted to Roger for his kindness.

"Mr. Roger, is Violet always so humble?" Francis asked with a grin.

ted by, Francis's phone ringing.

Trying to shake himself from the reverie over violet, Francis cleared his voice and took out the phone. The call was from Stephen.

"Speak of the devil! I just talked about my Dad, then he is calling me," said Francis with a shrug as he answered the call.

"Hello, Dad," Francis said.

"What's wrong with you? What makes you want to invest in GR Group? Have you made an assets evaluation of the company? Are you sure, that's a safe place to put your money?" The voice sounded familiar. It was obvious that Stephen was a bit angry and worried.

"If I fail, you'd still be the boss. You can support me. Even if our company goes bankrupt, we'll stay put in this city. Why are you so worried? Don't you believe me? I have done my homework, and I have no doubts about which company is a good bet for our investment." There was barely any respect in the way Francis talked to his old man.

Roger sitting beside was surprised by that lack of deference even on phone.

"Don't waste my money," Stephen warned.

"Okay, I know, Dad. You are well-informed. I am making an assets budget of GR Group now. I will talk to you later. Bye, Dad," Francis said, his voice apparently gruff as he hung up quickly.

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