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   Chapter 772 A Call From Stephen (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6687

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At the gate of Maple Restaurant, Cassie stopped the car. And she at once saw Francis's noticeable car. With sarcastic glee, she thought, 'Francis, you have no moral authority to fault me as a spendthrift. You are splashing lots of money on a meal. Aren't you much as a black sheep as I am?'

In the restaurant, Francis and Violet sat at a corner, chatting while enjoying their meal.

As Cassie walked in, a waiter welcomed her and courteously inquired, "May I help you?"

"I am looking for someone," said Cassie, searching for Francis.

The servant thought that Cassie was here to find her friend, so he left Cassie alone.

While Cassie was seeking for Francis, she saw Violet seating at a corner and stopped in her tracks, wondering, 'Why is she here?'

And then Cassie recognized the man opposite Violet, she was shocked to realize the man was none other than her cousin.

Never in her wildest dreams had Cassie thought that Francis would have lunch together with Violet. She wondered, 'Are they close to each other? Or is there any secret between them that I don't know?'

Careful not to break their conversation and eager to spy on what they were up to, Cassie kept a safe distance. Finding an ideal spot for the job, behind a large vase, she stood still and observed them, taking note of every detail she could. Between eating and chatting, they also seemed to share some heart laughter. At some point, she noticed Francis pass a serviette to Violet to wipe the side of her mouth.

"Violet, you are a fox. What mischief are up to with my cousin?" Cassie scolded.

Then thinking about the recent turn of events, she found that some events were quite coincidental that she began to suspect Violet might have been the hand pulling strings behind the scenes.

How could Violet be having lunch with Francis now, when barely two hours ago, Cassie had got wind of the decision by Francis to help GR Group. Wasn't Violet's appearance in the picture a telltale sign of some connections?



Straight from the restaurant, Cassie drove to XS hospital where upon arrival, she made a bee line for Greg's office, instead of her own.

Without the courtesy of knocking, she casually pushed the door open and walked in, as if it was her office.

There was a nurse putting Greg's books in order. Cassie's unannounced coming shocked her.

"Doctor Cassie," the nurse greeted her.

"Where is Doctor Greg?" Cassie asked, trying to keep her excitement under.

"He is removing a scar on the back of a patient's hand in the the observation nursing unit," said the nurse.

"Which particular observation nursing unit?" asked Cassie. There were several observation nursing units in cosmetology department. She must clearly know which specific unit Greg was in.

"The second unit, madam," the nurse answered, at which Cassie obligingly left.

The sun shone through the windows. Cassie was waiting for Greg at the door of the second observation nursing unit. She had been standing there for two hours.

The corridor was dead quiet until the door opened, after a long while.

Instinctively, Cassie adjusted herself and looked to the door. She saw Greg walking out of the observation nursing unit. Drops of perspiration rolled down his forehead. He was walking towards his office while removing the mask.

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