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   Chapter 770 Helping Roger Out (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5874

Updated: 2019-03-11 00:16

"Why do you want to help Roger Gu?" Francis asked.

"He helped me before," Violet answered." And I want to return the favor."

"What did he do to help you?" Francis kept asking, because he wanted to know everything about her, her life, her heart, and so on.

"He was once hit by a car to save me. Besides, he, as my boss, also helped me a lot when I worked for him, so I want to help him in return." Violet unveiled everything in her heart to Francis. Although it could be risky, she wanted to remain honest before him.

"It seems that he's special to you," Francis said, with a smile on his face. He had already done his research on the GR Group on Carol and on Roger. The GR Group remained as a medium-sized company, with the biggest deal of the year merely a small part of the JS Group, one of four biggest corporations in the city. Carol's firm and frank manner of doing business in addition to her admirable business ingenuity made her one of the top female business leaders. If not for Selina, she could have been the queen of the city. As for Roger, he was popular. Everyone, including his peers, his elders as well as other business people, thought highly of him. This was mainly owing to his being well-educated and his being earnest and responsible. Besides, being raised under the care of Carol, he didn't grow up to be a playboy. Instead, he was serious in his relationships, neither closely relating with popular stars, nor hanging around red light districts. Therefore, Roger was a good candidate to be a reliable friend. However, Francis didn't regard him as possible business partner. Roger might be too nice to be successful. He wasn't cruel and ambitious enough. These were traits that contribute to achievements in business.


is just said. He just made an impossible requirement! She stammered,"I...I'm married."

"I know. I know your husband is Greg." Francis was grinning. "What I meant about staying with me is that we become close friends. Would you like to be a good friend of mine?"

Violet, without any similar experience in her entire life, was shocked that this was exactly what Francis wanted.

"Friends?" Violet repeated the word.

"Yeah, we are just acquaintances now. You don't even take me as a friend, right? Now I do you a favor and then we become friends. That's all I want. By the way, it's not a deal. I'll do it all from my heart." Francis seemed quite genuine.

Violet finally believed him and was relieved. She said,"Oh okay, now I get it."

"Great! So how do we go from here? Are we friends now?" Francis asked.

"Well, to be honest, I don't know you at all and I have no idea if you are good or bad." Violet revealed her worries. All her friends were reliable. Would Francis be a reliable friend? She was not sure about that.

"What? So now you think I'm a bad guy?" Francis asked, surprised. It never came to his mind that others would think of him as bad!

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