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   Chapter 768 Actually Him (Part Three)

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It didn't occur to him that Violet was a high class lady. Even though she was in designer clothes, she didn't wear any valuable jewelry nor emit an unreachable aura. Now that she was in his car, the driver assumed that she led a comfortable life, but far from being upper class. He guessed that the people from respectable or wealthy families never took a taxi in their lives.

"Tina is not that sort of girl. There must be some misunderstanding," Violet defended Tina. 'Even though I only met her several times and she was unfriendly, I don't think she is a loose woman who would have sex with strangers. Besides, what about those pictures? Who took them?' she pondered.

"So you know her?" the man asked, his voice carrying evident suspicion and contempt. With a tinge of scornful smile written on his face, he voiced his opinion,"You're too naive. Nine out of ten rich girls are self-indulgent. They have lived with comfort since they were born. They may look like well-behaved ladies, but who knows their true colors?"

"What if GR Group was set up? Have you ever thought about that? Suppose what you said are true, but why did the media only report the negative news on Tina? Don't you think it's suspicious?" Violet blurted out her doubts. She didn't fathom the whole situation, but she just felt something was wrong. According to what she learnt, she believed that Tina wasn't a loose woman. That was why she tried to defend Tina.

"Well," the driver hesitated. After mulling for a while, he continued,"Your assumption makes sense. I heard that there are many grudges between rich families. Perhaps the Gu family offended some big shot, so that guy took his revenge on Tina. Who knows?"

Violet didn't respond. She looked out the window, hoping to arrive at the GR Group as soon as posible.

The taxi stopped outside the GR Group's building and Violet got out of the cab. Spott

flection, he didn't think it was an accident. He was sure that someone had organized this secretly.

Violet understood quickly what he meant. However, she didn't make any comments. 'Whether that person wanted revenge or not, I can't get involved in it since it is a family issue, ' she thought.

"Well, then, do you have any idea how the GR Group will get through this?" Violet asked. 'If GR Group needs any support, I will ask Uncle Wilson, Uncle Derek or even Uncle Mond for help. I'm sure that they won't hesitate to give a hand, ' she thought.

"There is one way," Roger answered firmly. After deliberating for a while, he went on,"There is an investment company which is founded and operating abroad, and the CEO is Francis. I heard that he is born abroad and of mixed blood. At present, he hasn't invested in any companies yet. If he is willing to help, perhaps our crisis can be solved."

"Francis An," Violet iterated the name. 'I seem to have heard this name somewhere. But I can't remember, ' she mulled.

Roger typed on the keyboard, and a page showed up. With a click, he shot Violet a glance while saying,"Here he is."

Violet walked over to Roger quickly, and then looked at the screen. Looking shocked, she exclaimed,"Are you sure?"

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