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   Chapter 766 Actually Him (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6575

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Dressed in a sapphire blue dress, Alice walked into the restaurant holding a black handbag.

She looked around first before making her way to Violet while exclaiming,"Wow, it looks like someone booked the whole restaurant!"

"What a smart girl! It's a treat from a generous gentleman." Tim replied before Violet did, moving closer to Alice.

Violet opened her mouth to say something but hesitated and eventually decided to remain quiet. 'I'd better give Alice and Tim more chances to talk.' she thought.

"Isn't this Greg's treat?" Alice asked as she took a seat. Staring at Greg, she said jokingly,"Did you get a salary raise? When you squander money like this, aren't you worried that Violet would scold you for wasting money?"

"That's not your concern, Miss Alice. Besides, some rich guy paid for this, not me." Greg replied, as he looked over at Tim and winked.

"Who? Is there another wealthy man here other than you?" Alice asked, now curious. 'Whom is he referring to?' she wondered.

"The one sitting beside you!" Greg replied with a wry smile, still leering at Tim.

Greg's being a loudmouth annoyed Tim. He wanted to jump on his friend and kill him. But that was just in his mind. In front of Alice, he tried to look every inch like a gentleman.

"Tim? He paid for all of this?" Alice responded, amazed.

"Yes, this is his treat!" Violet answered, smiling.

"I'm a little surprised," Alice returned in a casual tone,"Whatever. Let's enjoy the meal."

Tim's broad smile vanished instantly. 'Is that all? Come on!' he thought, looking disappointed. Alice's respond was a little calmer than he had anticipated. He thought she would at least be impressed and feel obliged to him.

At a night club, everyone inside moved their bodies crazily to the rhythm of the music, jumping, gyrating and swaying in the middle of the dance floor. They were immersed in the heat of the sexy atmosphere. The DJ's set was good and almost controlled the cr

such a fool. I thought that she wouldn't be tricked so easily. It looks like I overestimated her, ' she thought, a hideous expression written on her pretty face.

Cassie got up, left the room and went straight to the VIP room where Tina was knocked out cold.

Cassie pushed the door and entered the room, followed by two tall men.

"What's your plan?" asked the man who was standing near Cassie.

"Strip off her clothes," Cassie commanded, her eyes kindling with anger and contempt. 'Now you are going to pay for what you did to me, Tina. Let's see how the world is going to react to this. So you never ever thought that you would one day be my prisoner? Now you will know the meaning of the word, shame, ' she snickered inside.

The two men moved over to the unconscious Tina. One took a seat beside her and helped her up. The other stood in front of Tina and took off her clothes one by one and dropped them on the sofa. After five minutes, the two men came back to Cassie. Tina was still unconscious, with no idea what was being done to her.

Looking at the naked Tina, Cassie gave a wicked and satisfied smile. She took out her phone, pointed it at her rival and took several pictures.

With a content smile on her face, Cassie said,"Well, I'm done here. I will leave this woman to you guys."

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