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   Chapter 761 Believe In Love (Part Two)

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Francis tried to soften his tone,"Cassie, give up now. This is not where we grew up and you're not familiar with this city." He wanted to convince her to stop this charade. Cassie had brought today's situation upon herself, and if she continued to pursue Greg, worse things might happen to her in the future.

"No," Cassie said firmly. She looked ahead at the long road in front of her and continued,"I haven't yet got the things that I want and I won't stop now."

Francis didn't know what to say and he didn't know how to persuade the stubborn Cassie.

Cassie slowly declared,"I told you. I came to this city for Greg and I will do everything in my power to get him. He's mine and I won't let anyone else have him."

Francis tried again,"But he doesn't love you. He loves his wife." Cassie had fallen into an abyss and he hoped to pull her out before it was too late.

Cassie disagreed,"Love is not set in stone and it won't last forever. I will destroy Violet's place in Greg's heart. And after that, I will be the only woman he loves."

Francis thought she was being ridiculous. He wondered why she was always so rigid in her ideas. "You...", he started to say, but

Cassie interrupted him,"Francis, thank you for helping me today." Her eyes filled up with hatred as she added,"I will find the person who issued that news. And when I do, I won't let him off easily."

Cassie made a fist and she was obviously very mad at everything that had happened.

Greg was in the living room of his apartment. He took out his phone and called his father.

Violet was sitting not too far away from him, b

but when she saw Alice, she was excited,"Alice, you came!"

Alice seemed relaxed and replied calmly,"Yes, I'm here to see you."

The four of them sat in the living room and they all had read today's newspaper headline.

Tim broke the silence,"So, today's headline was pretty unexpected." He was used to fooling around with girls, but he had never heard of such a thing happening before.

Alice joked,"Mr. Tim, you're always playing around in the bars and clubs. Haven't you ever heard of such incidents before?"

"I..." Tim grew anxious when he heard Alice's impression about him. He defended himself,"I'm just a normal person, living a common life. I know that the upper class is in chaos, but I didn't expect that it would be so dirty. It's the first time I'm seeing such bold reports in the papers.

Alice repeated his words,"Bold reports? Why don't you say that the person who gave the news was bold and powerful?"

Tim suddenly realized something and he exchanged looks with Greg.

Greg then looked at Alice and asked,"Alice, do you know who did this?"

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