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   Chapter 760 Believe In Love (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5498

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The moment Cassie's car arrived at the hospital gate, a group of journalists rushed towards her along with many of patients' families and some of the pedestrians.

Cassie was terrified when they surrounded her car all at once.

The journalists knocked on her car windows, asking questions-

"Cassie, since you have so many romantic affairs abroad, why did you return to this city?"

"Cassie, is yesterday's headline true? Someone said that yesterday's headline news was written by you to protect yourself? It that true?"

"Cassie, are you really the naked woman in the pictures? How many men have you made love with?"

"Cassie, do you truly love Greg, the heir of XS Hospital? Or is he just one of your lovers?"

"You shameless bitch! Why are you still a doctor? XS Hospital should dismiss you."

"You saved my son's life, but I didn't know that you were so shameless. You are not qualified to be a doctor or to save people's lives."

Cassie was overwhelmed by the questions thrown at her and she couldn't handle the pressure. People's eyes and their comments made her want to die. Until this moment, she realized that it was impossible to fight against the public opinion.

Cassie immediately regretted coming back to the hospital. She had wanted to find Greg and ask him what the hell had happened. And she wanted to know from him why her affairs were clearly published on the newspaper. She figured that someone might have spied on her and had gotten information about her. But she was puzzled as to who it could be. Cassie thought to herself, 'It was impossible for Violet to pull off something like this, because she is too

and said coldly,"Don't touch me."

Francis' hand stopped mid-air and after a few seconds, he withdrew it.

Francis asked,"You knew that those journalists would be waiting for you at the hospital. Why did you still have to go there today?" He knew that Cassie must have had a good reason. She was not stupid.

Cassie gritted her teeth and replied,"I wanted to see Greg. I wanted to ask him who wrote that news."

Francis sighed,"Does it matter who did it? You should be wondering why people are targeting you."

Cassie replied without hesitation,"It matters to me! I'll do anything to get Greg."

"But you should have understood by now that Greg and Violet are dangerous people and they are not easy to fool. Didn't you notice it at their party?" Francis said,"The party was so luxurious and they probably come from rich and powerful families." He had researched Greg. Even though Greg's family only ran a hospital, they were extremely famous and had huge connections in the business world.

Cassie looked into Francis' eyes and asked,"Do you think that I'm easy to be messed with?"

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