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   Chapter 755 Sensational News (Part Two)

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"Thank you so much, but I can go by myself," replied Alice. With that, she walked towards the door.

She stopped at the door and turned around to look at Greg. She asked,"Is Violet's name engraved forever in your heart? You won't leave her, right? I know that you two love each other so much. You need to be kind to her even if she's difficult sometimes."

Saying that, Alice left.

Tim followed her out of the Presidential Suite to get back to his room, but he saw his assistant standing outside his door. Tim was confused. She should have been off work a long time ago, why was she still here?

"Mr. Tim," she bowed and greeted him respectfully.

"Do you need something?" Tim asked, coming to a halt in front of her.

"There is one thing which I thought you should know," she said. She considered for a few seconds before she decided to tell Tim about the incident.

"Say it," said Tim, getting impatient.

"When I took Mr. Greg upstairs, I saw a reporter at the lobby on the first floor, who was taking pictures of Mr. Greg and Miss Cassie."

"What?" Tim was taken aback. "Why was there a reporter in the lobby?"

She stood aside and stayed silent.

Tim then gave an order,"Check who the reporter is! Find him!"

"Yes, sir," the assistant replied. She then nodded to Tim politely before she turned and left.

The next morning, the sensational news about Greg and Cassie spending the night together disturbed the whole city. All major website platforms and morning newspaper headlines were overwhelmed by their photos, showing intimate pictures of them in the parking lot and proof of their physical attachment as they walked into the elevator of the hotel together. Moreover, the emotionless report which compiled the story about their love hurt the hearts of those who cared about them.

In the villa of the Lu Family, Alice was still in bed when Amy rushed in and hastily woke her out of h

ed to gossip and create fake news. So, he decided to talk to Alice first before he jumped into conclusions. He had to protect Violet from any harm. Since Jackson and Cherry were far away in Hong Kong, it was his job to take good care of Violet for them.

After seeing the angry look on her Dad's face, Alice figured it was better not to hide anything from him at this point. If she refused to tell him what she knew about Greg and Cassie right now, he would definitely learn it from someone else by any means.

"Alright, Dad. I'll tell you whatever I know. Cassie went to college with Greg when he was abroad. And she fell in love with him at the time, and now she has come back to China for him. What happened last night has nothing to do with what is reported in this newspaper. Greg and Violet had a quarrel, and he went to a bar to have a drink. But unfortunately, he met Cassie at the bar. She acted like she was worried about him and tried to get close to him. She then took him to Tim's hotel after he was drunk. Fortunately, Tim and I reached the hotel on time and drove her away. So in the end, nothing really happened. Greg would never betray Violet. I promise," Alice said, and held her hand up in a gesture to show her honesty. She hoped her dad would believe her.

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