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   Chapter 752 Arrived At The Right Moment (Part Two)

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"I am so sorry, Miss! I can only follow the orders of my boss and Mr. Greg. As for others' order, I may or may not obey," responded the assistant righteously. She was not afraid at all because she knew that if she did not obey her boss's order then something wrong would happen. Since she knew her boss was supporting her, she had nothing to be afraid.

Cassie controlled her anger and supported Greg while she made him lie down on the sofa. When she saw that Greg had fallen asleep, Cassie rose up and walked towards the assistant.

Standing in front of her, in a fierce tone, Cassie said,"Though this room was reserved by your boss for Greg, now we have checked in and we do not need any more service at the moment. Please don't interrupt us and just leave, okay?"

She emphasized?the?last three words, all the while staring at the assistant.

The assistant gave her a soft smile and in a relaxed manner, said,"Miss, I think I have told you before that I will only follow my boss' order. And in this room, I will only follow Mr. Greg's order since he is our VIP guest. As for you, I am sorry I don't know you and I have never seen you before, so I cannot entertain your orders."

"How dare you?" Cassie tried to control?her?anger, but she knew she could not do anything to this assistant.

Both of them stared at each other, their tempers flaring.

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang and the assistant heaved a sigh of relief. She immediately turned back and rushed to open the door.

When she opened the door, she found that it was not Tim, but a waiter who was carrying a bowl of sober-up tea for Greg.

She soon realized that the lobby manager was here to help her handle the situation tactfully.

"Is this the sober-up tea for Mr. Greg?" The assistant pretended to raise her voice while asking the waiter.

"Yes," he replied promptly.

"Okay, come on in!" She asked the waiter to bring the sober-up tea inside.

Seeing the scene, Cassie was surprised and confused, not knowing what was actually happening in the ro

onfident that she could come out of this mess too.

"I don't think so," Tim said with a resolute?expression. In a firm tone, he told Cassie,"Greg is my buddy. Even if he quarreled with his wife and wanted to stay in my hotel, I should be the person who accompanies and comforts him, not someone else, like you!"

"Haha, very funny!" An?unnatural?smile?crossed Cassie's?face as she continued to stare at Tim. She raised her eyebrow and provoked,"I am not someone else. I was a part of Greg's life for five years when we both were abroad. If I hadn't let him return, the person he would be married to would be me, not Violet."

"Oh, really? This is not what I came to know from Greg," Tim blurted out. "Greg has always told me that Violet was the only woman he has ever loved and he fulfilled what he said by marrying her. I have never heard him speak of any other woman except Violet."

Tim's words choked Cassie. She didn't know what to say because, in her heart, she knew very clearly that this was a one -sided love as Greg had never accepted her as a part of his life. Only she wanted to marry him at any cost the reverse was not true.

"Anyhow, please go away with your staff. You can leave the sober-up tea here and then go away from the room right now!" Incoherent, Cassie didn't know what to say and do, so that they all left her and Greg alone.

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