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   Chapter 751 Arrived At The Right Moment (Part One)

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Tim rushed to drive his car to the hotel and it was only five minutes later that he realized that he hadn't told Alice yet. Hurriedly, he picked up the phone and dialed her number.

"Hello, Tim, what happened, any news?" Alice's anxious voice could be heard clearly on the other end of the phone.

"Come to my hotel directly right now! Greg is there!" Tim told her curtly.

"Is he with Cassie in that hotel?" asked Alice. She was surprised because Violet had told her that Greg was in a bar, she found it unbelievable that Greg would go to a hotel with Cassie.

"Yes, and I am going there right now," Tim replied.

"I got it! I will reach there soon!" Saying that, Alice hung up the phone.

Inside the underground parking, Cassie parked the car and saw that a man was watching them from not far away with a video camera. That man gave her a gesture of okay and Cassie immediately recognized that he was the husband of her friend.

Cassie got off the car and walked towards the door of the passenger's seat. She opened the door and assisted?Greg?to come out?of?the?car. She deliberately shot a glance at the journalist hidden in the darkness and then closely snuggled her head into Greg's chest and in a lusty voice, whispered in Greg's ear,"Greg, we are now at your friend's hotel. Let's get into the room to rest, okay?"

Still passed?out, Greg looked around confused and mumbled,"Is this Tim's hotel? Are you sure?"

"Exactly! I've done as I said and I am sure that this is Tim's hotel." Cassie hooked?Greg's?arm?around?her shoulder?and?they staggered?towards the elevator.

When they arrived at the lobby, Cassie supported Greg at the reception desk. Just when Cassie was about to take out her ID card to check in, a woman in a black suit stopped her.

"Excuse me, are you Mr. Tim's friend?" The woman said in a respectful tone and she was Tim's assistant. She had received the call from her boss earlier. He had given her a set of instructions and she had to follow them without any mistakes.

"Yes, I am. What's the matter, is anything wrong?" questioned Cassie

et since she was holding Greg's arm around her shoulder.

"Excuse me, Miss! We offer a very special service for our guests living in the presidential suite, so please help Mr. Greg to sit down on the sofa in the living room portion first. I will go to the bedroom to fill in the bathtub with hot water so that Mr. Greg will take a hot bath. And I will take the nightgown in the bedroom to the bathroom for him." It was apparent that the assistant was buying time before Tim arrived. At the same time, she prayed in her heart that her boss could come earlier, or she had no idea of how to delay the time. This woman with Greg seemed to be very tough.

"I can do all this for him. You can leave now," Cassie directly asked her to go out of the room. Even if she was Tim's assistant, she didn't need to be so polite to her. She was only a servant and that is how Cassie thought she should be treated as.

"I am sorry, Miss. I can't leave now! Since this presidential suite has been prepared for Mr. Greg, I will offer my due service until he asks me to go out personally. I can only follow his order," The assistant replied respectfully.

Cassie could not take it any longer and she lost her temper. She was irritated and so she shouted at the assistant,"He is unconscious now, how could he ask you to go away? I am also the guest of the hotel and won't you listen to your costumer?"

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