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   Chapter 750 Danger Approaching (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5809

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Alice angrily said,"I have no time to play with you. I'm telling you that you should go to look for that jerk Greg." Whenever she thought that Greg was with Cassie, she got madder. Greg already had a wife and that Cassie was a real whore. Were they going to spend the night together?

Tim was astonished and asked,"What happened? And Greg is a jerk? What happened?" Tim was surprised and even though he loved Alice, he was still unwilling to follow her to go behind his buddy's back. His instant reaction was to stand up for his friend.

Alice sat in the car and continued to say,"Greg is with that slut, Cassie and Violet is crying alone at home. You can tell me what happened. Do I need to make it clearer?"

"How could it be possible? I thought that Greg and Violet got along well." Tim was puzzled.

Alice replied,"How would I know? I can't figure out what had just happened. Anyway, Tim, use your connections to look for Greg and Cassie right now. If you delay a minute, they might make a huge mistake and sleep together. If Greg betrays Violet, he will get a taste of hell from me." Alice was determined to not allow anyone to hurt Violet. She had protected Violet in the past and she would continue to protect her now and in the future.

Tim got anxious, because he finally realized how serious things were. If he couldn't find Greg quickly enough, Greg might have sex with Cassie and his marriage with Violet would be over. And he couldn't imagine how miserable Greg and Violet would be.

Alice demanded,"Violet told me that Greg and Cassie were in one of the bars of the JC Group. You should just check these bars as well as hotels and entertainment clubs. Go search everywhere you could go into. Got it?" At this time, sh

d called many friends to help him but he didn't think of his own employees. If that vice manager didn't call him, he wouldn't have found Greg at all that night.

Tim asked,"How many people are in Greg's car?"

The vice manager replied,"Maybe two people. The janitor in the parking lot told me that a woman was driving the car and it was indeed Mr. Greg's car."

Tim said,"Give them the presidential suite for free and take note of the room number. I'll be there in a minute." Then he hung up.

Right away, he called his assistant.

That assistant answered the phone immediately,"Yes, Mr. Tim."

Tim ordered,"Now it's your turn to show up. Greg is in a hotel room with a woman. Go to that room and stay there. Don't allow them to do anything. Understand?"

That assistant felt awkward and hesitated,"Well.." When a man and a woman checked into a hotel room, they must want to make love. The assistant thought that it was improper for her, a woman, to stop them.

Tim finished the call by threatening,"If you fail, take all your stuff and don't show up at work tomorrow!"

Tim turned the car around and drove to the hotel as fast as he could.

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