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   Chapter 746 Tears Of Despair (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5434

Updated: 2019-03-06 01:12

"Greg," Violet called his name.

"You know what kind of person Sharon is, I already told you. Why are you still talking to her?" Greg couldn't hold his feelings back anymore and screamed at her.

That was the first time Greg had shouted at her. She was frightened by his sudden anger and took a few steps backwards unconsciously. Greg regretted what he had done immediately when he saw that he had frightened Violet. He had never felt more helpless than in that moment. The information that he had heard was so overwhelming.

Greg grabbed Violet's arm. His grip was tight, but he ignored Violet's pained face and confronted her,"Why did you accept the hundred million from her? You were never short of money. You are from a rich family, why did you accept the money from her?"

"No, it wasn't like that, Greg, listen," Violet tried to explain. Greg's grip on her was too tight, and it was beginning to hurt.

"What should I make of all this? I just heard Sharon accusing you of taking a hundred million from her as payment to leave me. Why would you accept that? Is that my worth? Is that the price of our love?" Greg bombarded her with questions. Few seconds later, he shouted again,"Talk to me!"

His loud and harsh voice drew Fred's attention.

Violet and Greg both quieted down after hearing footsteps closing in on their room.

Fred stopped by the door. He saw Greg grabbing Violet's arm, but he couldn't see Violet's face. So it was hard for him to figure out what exactly was going on between them. "Greg, what's going on?" he asked.

Greg turned to look at Violet, and figured that she wasn't going to

uld finish her sentence. He asked her coldly,"Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me about all the things that were happening to you. I would've given up my studies aboard and come back to you if I had known all this."

Violet smiled bitterly and asked,"What's the point of saying that now?"

Do you still believe in the love that we have for each other?" Greg was disappointed and hurt. He had loved Violet for so many years, he had been carefully protecting her from all harm. He treasured their love so much. But now, the purity of their love was gone, gone with the hundred million dollars.

"Do you think I could believe in the strength of love when I was so close to being groped by a bunch of vulgar men?" Violet flared up. She stood up abruptly from the coach, glaring at Greg. She didn't want to recall that memory from her past. It was such a terrible experience and it haunted her many nights. It was even worse than what she had experienced when she was only ten. Every time she thought of those men, she wished that she could kill them with her bare hands.

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